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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

Glenwood City, 800,   pp. 55-56 PDF (498.1 KB)

Glidden, population 1000,   p. 56 PDF (235.4 KB)

Granton, 490,   pp. 56-57 PDF (453.5 KB)

Page 56

   |Covering Rpral risconsin Effectively                                
                             GLEN.OOD CITY TRIBUIE
Circulation, 900           Is it sworn? Yes.                         Thursday
Advqrtisl~ng Ratea - Display, per inch 250.  Classified, per word one cent.
        Agency commi.ssion, 15%.
M9h4anical rejuirementE - width of column, 13 ems. Depth of column, 20 inches.
        Colu4mx to page, 6. Body type, 9-pt. Screen of halftones, coarse.
        Kora J. Stoddard founded this weekly during October 1889. She served
for two years and was succeeded by C. J. Augustin who occupied the editorial
c~j~ir till 189B. John E. Shirk then took charge and continued for three
Mr. Augustin then came back and occupied the position till 1919 When he was
o9eceeded by 9. Howard Augustin who was on the job until his death two yoars
later.  The present editor has been in service since 1921.
                                      B W
ILIDDEN, Population 1000                                       ASHLAND COUNTY
       The Soo Lumber Company, flooring manufacturer, is Glidden's chief
4spet. Two other large lumber companies are located here. The Equity Farmers'
q ooperative creamery is another important mainstay. It is also a summer
                              GLIDDEN EN1TERRISE
Girculation, g5Q                                                       Friday
Advertising R!tqs - Display, per inQh 20g. Agency commission, 15%.
       Cish dl sdount, 2'/.
Meqoaniol requirements - iidth of Column, 13 ems.    Depth of column, 20
       ,oluS -  to page, 6.  Body type, 8 pt.  Screen of Halftones, 130.
       Use, >ms! No.
       W tth   J. Hart haw edited this weekly from 1906 to the present time.
                                     B W
qPA:'TN, 4?0                                                            CLARK
       Qgritc,, dopendc on agriculture for its income.
                                GRANTON HERALD
P*rcvlation, PO;       Is it sworn,  No,                             Thursday
Adv~rtii          - Disay     per inch '      Classified, per line 100.
        Agnci,  mmission, 1 51 X

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