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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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Covering Rural Vrisuonsin E.'fectively.
       The first nuieor cf the :FOADCAiST'  vias edited i4ay 1, 1924 by Herbert
1.:. L.arsh, whio edited i:ie pa)er until June 1st, 19;.5 when t.:ic manage-ment
Ed'iLorship xwas assumed by H. Ii. Robinson.
                       -              ~~~~~~~~B 1,7
(G111jIT, l2O                                                           
0oco1 O0
       This Oconto county village io best noted for four chief industrios.
The Great Northern F'ail Company cia~ufacturls woodon ?ails and veneer. 
Cil lett Canning Comaiy puts up many cascs of 1s(. as, jwaais and beats cac.
Lunher, sash, doors and other buildint supplies are ~na..ufac-turAd by t;kc
U Ktit
hui-li inL Supply Company.  C'h.Lso factsris fur.,iiwh ti.u outlet for t',i.
pro;uced in this arua.
       The Cr-ab Nurt -rn '7ail Company   ilichl ;ao orianiizod S(,v, n 
yiLrs .
is ;t the present ti.i(.ianufacturing woo-on dails for canidy     azka;uo
a.dl alL-i
v Lnuc r. YThi., co.;-; 1y has oln its P iyroil ihS 1 i.-.,  o-,mn ann( &ils
  c ,nlall
are homc oaalcri. Ti Thr a.nnual dayroll ru.; in LThu               _ i-iibo
rhonf '00,' K.00.
t.a  vt ne ir  nunu factorci  iS  use (d  1p i rciPally  'b:  ro  r  ;n.
ul fac >m Li   L r -i
ocuting stock.  T"'i calpacity output of thc pail 1ui)artm. tt i,; 50,UuCO
ir   cn
ptc!i year, and t.;e vn  r depart iient about six carl..ad3 pir mIonth.
                              THE' GILLEji Tl.P;3.S
C irculation, 950       Is it seorn!   Yo-s                           ThurI(day
Aivurtisillg ratci, - dislay, per inch ,250.     C1 ssitic-d, pt'r lint.
10X. oCi.,coUolt , 2/~. t.n days.
 ,.c.anical rtcluir m,.nts - .idth of column, l13 u.    Doth ef column, 
  () i i.C itS.
       Column;. to  page  6.  Body type, 8 dt.    ocrsfn of h'ftnes, 75 to
       Usc Idats' YUs.
' : 1 ising Rcpracntajivo - American Press ,;ssociation, Ne-'i York sity.
       L. .. Perry c.tablishod this wo.kly in 19UJ0 and     ..dii.h it until
Guorgo 2toffrg-en odited thre j;aper from Cctbobr 192A. unitil .April,
At this timle ;inc .lant ;ias takun over by Frank Cota,  -. i. L~hnor, and
H. B.
-tiinett.  The pa,,r is rno\ handlAd undur the na..e of t'ic Gillutt Timcs
puny, s.ita J. i. GorLam as rcsidont mainagor.
                                       B W7
E'l.-! (1f -MWCITY,800                                                  
ST.     T,-IX
       It is in the h,.rt of u dairyir.g couirluaLty, in ehicil 1ioLs3 irns
'Iominate.  Cramrncry  L11nufactur(s are ov(r one millii. n pound6 of butt,.r
mi .Lres-t adilyr  £. Lnl. There is a sauu r kri.utfVctcry h.-r.. 
U  l c'cf n(
city is  upidly 'r ..inp-s ,in ca g mar.iet for farmij-.;s .re  Aiinin, t
poultry au i vT.l .Ll auxiliary to d*airying,.

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