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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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Page 49

tovering Rural Xisconsin Effectively
                              PIERCE COUNTY .HERALD
Circulation, 1110    Is it sworn? Yes.                                Thursday
Advertising rates - display, per inch 30Q. Classified, per line 50.
     Agency commission, 15%. Cash discount, 2%.
Mechanical requirements - W7idth of column, 13 ems.   Depth of column, 20
     Columns to page, 6.   Body type, 8 pt.   Use Mats! No.
Advertising Representajive - American Fress Association, New York City.
     M. B. Kimball & Son founded this weekly as early as 1866.    They
succeeded by Case and Doolittle and by E. S. Doolittle & Son, The present
editor is H. F. Doolittle. This is the oldest newspaper published in Pierce
ELROY, 1713                                                             JUNEAU
     Railroad shops locatud in this Juneau county town are of great value.
Farming is important and considerable livestock is shipped from this point.
                              ELROY LEA'DER-TRIBUNE
Circulation                                                          Thursday
     This Juneau county weekly newspaper was formed at the merger of two
iWeeklies published in Elroy. The Leader was founded in 1898 and the Tribune
in 1881. The present editors are Whitehall & Shear.
                                       B W
ENDEAVOR, 500                                                       MARQUETTE
     w::hile Endeavor is in a farming, dairying and fruit producing section,
it is noted for its fishing and as a summer resort camp. Christian Endeavor
Academy is located here.
                            MARQUETTE COUNTY EPITOME
Circulation, 400                                                        Friday
     This Marquette county weekly was established in 1900.    In 1906 C.
D. BrownL
purchased the paper from R. E. Helms. They sold it to Cotton Brothiers, January
1, in 1914, aiid in 1919 C. D. Browne's son took over the ijapur.   Since
time Browne had charge except a year and a half when T. L. Cotton had control.
During July, 1925, A. 0. LaBell purchased The lEpitome and in Octobcr it
sold to ':   N. rriddy.
-                         - - ,    -
, -; ! I

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