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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

Curtiss, 186,   p. 40 PDF (237.6 KB)

Darlington, 1798,   pp. 40-41 PDF (439.8 KB)

Page 40

ΒΆ   rCovering Rural Wisconsin Effectively                          
    CURTISS, 186                                                        
         Agriculture in its various phases supports Curtiss. Among the various
    plants located at Curtiss is one of Krafts cheese warehouses.    One
of the
    largest individual cheese factories in Central Wisconsin, owned by Fred
    which paid over V150,000 during 1924, is located at Curti-s.
                                   CURTISS ADVANCE
    Circulation, 554         Is it sworn? Yes.                         Wednesday
    Advertising Rates - Display, per inch 25p.    Classified, per line 5F.
         Agency commission, 15%.   Cash discount, 2%.
    Mechanical requirements - Width of Column, 13 ems. Depth of Column, 20
         inches. Columns to page, 6. Body type, 8 pt. Screen of halftones,
         Use Mats? Yes.
    Advertising Representatives - Recognized Agencies.
         The ADVANCE is one of the string of weeklies owned by E. C. Clark.
    was founded July 1, 1923. Its circulation extends into three counties
    is supported by advertisers from eight tovans surrounding the village,
as vWell
    as a 100% from the local business houses.
                                          B W
    DARLINGTON, 1798                                                   LAFAYETTEl
         Dairying has helped to make LaFayette county, in which Darlington
    located, one of the finest agricultural counties in Wdikcosin.    Large
    of pure bred Holsteins are found on nearby farms.   Foreign cheese is
    tured and hog raising and general farming occupy the attention of many.
                             DARLINGTON REP-UBLICAN-JOURNAL
    Circulation, 1700       Is it sworn! Yes.                           Thursday
    Advertising Rates - Display, per inch 30. Classified,
         Agency commission, 15%.   Cash discount, 2%.
    Mechanical Requirements - Width of column, 13 ems.   Dedth of column,
21 incnes.
         Columns to page, 7.  Body type, 8 pt.    Screcn of halftones, 100.
         This weekly was first issued in 1867. Its first editor was J. N.
    worth.  Succeeding editors were F. Duncan and Son, C. \U. Bentleff, Hon.
J. G.
    Monahan.  The latter continued until 191D, at which time the present
    Mr. Peavy, came on tie scene.   The REFUBLICAN-JOURNAL is the oldest
paper in
    Lafayette county.
, 2J

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