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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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  Covering Rural Wisconsin Effectively|                                 
CHILTON, 1833                                                        CALULET
     This town is located in one of the richest agricultural and dairy dis-
tricts in the state. The chief occupation is dairying and its large con-
densary plant uses 240,000 pounds of milk daily during the high points of
the season and it averages better than 200,000 pounds daily.     One hundred
people are employed here and there are 60 milk routes.    There are about
125 farmers who deliver their own and their neighbors milk to the plant.
There are also several butter and cheese plants and a pea canning comnpany
established in and about Chilton.
                               CHILTON TIMES
Circulation, 2000         Is it sworn! No.                           Saturday
Advertising Rates - Display, per inch 25$.    Classified, per inch 30:.
     Agency Commission, 15%.    Cash discount, 2%.
Mechanical Requirements - Width of Column, 13 ems.   Depth of column, 21f
     inches.   Columns to page, 7.   Body type, 8 pt.   Use MatsT No.
Advertising Representative -W'~isconsin Press Association.
     Shortly before the Civil War, 1857, this Chilton paper was founded
by John Potter Hume. He continued as editor until his death August 23, 1881.
Then his sons, W. A. and John P. Jr., carried on the paper for two years;
after which the former took charge.   W. A. Hume is today editor of the paper.
                         CHILTON INDEPENDENT JOURNAL
Circulation                                                          Thursday
     This Calumet county newspaper was established in 1916.     Its present
editor is Joseph Grassold.
                                     B W
CLAYTON, 304                                                            
     Clayton is in the heart of a farming district.
                               CLAYTON ADVANCE
Circulation, 300                                                       Friday
     This Polk county newspaper was established in 1911.   Its present editor
is V. B. Smead.

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