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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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Covering Rural Wisconsin Effectivelyl
BROOKLYN, 440                                               GREEN and DANE
    Brooklyn is the home of a branch of the Bowman Dairy Company, which
employs about 25 mon the year around. Local farmers are specializing in
pure bred live stock, breading mostly I:olstoins, Guernsoys and Brown Swiss.
Dairy products rank first in value to this town, which is located on the
borders of Greon and Dano counties. Tobacco is also an important export
of the local farrms.
                               BROOKLYN TELLER
Circulation, 750     Is it sworn? Yes.                           Wcdnosday
Advertising Rates - Display, per inch 20.
Mechanical Requirements - Width of Column, 13 oms. Depth of Column, 19i
    inches. Columns to Page, 6. Body Typo 10.       Use Mats? No.
    After founding this weekly, November, 1911, la. V. Adaison edited it
three years and then sold it to Clarence Vlackman.  Wackman served for only
a year and than iMir. Adamson came back and took charge till Soptember 1,
when H. D. Hanson, the prosant owner, purchased the plant and later enlarLed
the paper.
                                     B W
BURLINGTON, 3626                                                    RACINE
    Manufacturing is a chief industry of this locality and diversified manu-
facturing is a slogan that has been made a reality. Among the produced
articles are horse blankets, men's outdoor clothing, rugs, 4lumber's brass
goods, condensed milk, baskets, "Home-kissed" wooden ware specialities,
sauer kraut, children's shoes, and underwear.
                        BURLINGTON STANDARD DEitLOCRAT
Circulation, 2300        Is it sworn! Yes.                          Friday
Advertising Rates - Display, per inch 40X.   Classified, per line 5-.
    Agency Commission, 15%.
Mechanical Requirements - I''idth of Column, 13 erms. Depth of Column, 22
    inches. Columns to Page, 7. Body Type, 8 pt. Screen of Halftones, 80.
    Use viats? No.
    During the middle of the Civil War, in 1863, this weekly was established
by L. E. S nith, who is now living in Madison. Smith continued as editor
two years. H. L. Devereau assumed charge in '65 and continued till '88.
Then H. E. Zimmermann published the weekly until 1912, when his son Louis
H. took over the editorship.
                                              .   ..~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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