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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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Covering Rural Wisconsin Ef fcctivolyy
                          BRODHEAD I1NDEPENDENT REGISTER
Circulation, 2250       Is it sworn! Ycs.                         V!odnesday
Advertising Rates - Display, per inch 25g. Classificd, per word 1g. Agency
     cormaission, 151.. Cash discount, 214.
Mechanical Requircruonts - '.Width of Coluitin, 13 cms.. DIepth of Column,
     inches. Columns to Page, 6. Body Type, 8 on 9.      Screen of Halftones,
     60 to 120.   Uso Mate? No.
Advertising Representatives - All Agencies.
     This Green county newspaper was first established during 1860. Today
it is edited by VI. F. Schempp.
                                       B W
BRUCE, 561                                                             RUSK
     This section of Rusk county is in the cut-over district and local indus-
tries are in their infancy. Dairying means most to the local folks and it
broadening continually.   Boys' and Girls' clubs and dairy improvement asso-
ciations are helping to make dairying supreme. Last year the Farmers' Coopera-
tive Creamery did more than $141,000 of business and the milk shipping sta-
tions shipped over v50,000 worth of milk. High quality livestock are found
on many of the local   Power sites are being developed here.
                                BRUCE 10'S LETTER
Circulation, 500       Is it sworn'                                Thursday
Advertising Rates - Display, per inch 25g. Classified, per inch 250 and 5g
     per line. Agency Comimission, 151. Cash discount, 2%.
Mechanical Requirerieiits - Wv'idth of Column, 13 i ms. Depth of Column,
     inches. Columns to page, 6. Body type, 10 and 8. Screen of Halftones,
     100 - 120. Use Mats' No.
Advertising Re,.resentatives - A.-ierican Press Association, New York City.
     October, 1900, A. H. Cormick struck off the first number of THE NEWS-
LETTER. He edited it until 1905. Succeeding editors were: 0. C. Briggs,
1905-08; Amos Babcock, 1908-10; F. Kneuland, 1910-12; A. P. Andrews, 1912-16;
L. W. Ham, 1915-16; A. P. Solgren, 1916-17; L. 1,V. Ham, 1917-20; V. A. Valiquutte,
1921-24; and L. l. Ham from 1924 to the present time.

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