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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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lCovering Rural Wisconsin Effectivelvi
BRILLION, Population 1,102                                    CALUMET COUNTY
      Many women and children find summer employment in the local pea cannery.
This is quite an industrial community which is in the center of a rich agri-
cultural section. Iron works (furnaces and clod crushers) and lime and ce-
ment works are established in this city.
                                  BRILLION NELIS
Circulation, 900       Is it sworn? Yes.                Published on Friday
Advertising Rates - Display, per inch 30f.    Classified, 100 porI line first
      insertion - minimum 50.  Subsequent insertions 50 per line.   Agency
      commission, 15%.   Cash discount, 2%.
Mechanical Requirements - Width of Column, I: ems.   Depth of Column, 194
      inches.  Columns to Page, 6.   Body type, 8 pt.   Screen of Halftones,
      120.  Use lIits? No.
Advertising Representatives - American Press Association, Now York City
     Stoddard and Briggs, who founded this weekly in September 1894, served
only for three years. Then Harry Jones held the editorial chair for two years.
And at the expiration of Jones' service, Jay Miathews tried his hand with
THE NEWS and continued for three months.    In the same year, 1899, Otto
Zander came on the scene and he has ever since guided the policies of this
country weekly.   THE NEDWS has recently gone on an all-home-print basis,
carding the ready-print service.
                                       B W
BRODHEAD, 1600                                                         GREEN
     More than $7,000,000 income from cheese alone came to surrounding farm-
ers in 1924. Many thousands of dollars also received for tobacco. rtiilk
cream, eggs and poultry are produced.
                                  BRODHEAP IEV,'S
Circulation                                                         Thursday
Advertising Ratos - Display, per inch 20X.   Classified, per line 7ΒΆ.
     Commission, 15i.
i..eclanical Rcquire;,ionts - Width of Column, 13 ems. Depth of Column, 191-
     inches. Columns to page, 6. Body Typ. , 8 pt, Screen of Halftoncs,
     80 to 100. Use Mats? No.
| Advertising Reprusentatives                   Addrc -. s_
     The present owner, George E. Dixon, founded this novisL)apcr in 1909.
_ I
fl -. II

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