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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

Blanchardville, population 653,   p. 23 PDF (212.1 KB)

Bloomer, 1648,   p. 23 PDF (212.1 KB)

Bloomington, 657,   pp. 23-24 PDF (404.0 KB)

Page 23

FCovering Rural Vtisconcin Effcctivol                                  23
BLANCHARDVILLE, Population 653                             LAFAYETTE COUNTY
     This Lafayette county town is located in a farming section where stock
raising is important. Cheese and butter are made locally.
                             BLAiNCH HRDVI1,LE BL,;,DE
Circulation, 1400                                                  Thursday
     During 1891, this weekly was established. Its present editor is W. F.
                                      B W
BLOOMER, 1648                                                      CHIPPEWA
     1any of the people in this neighborhood are employed in a local con-
densary. A large corps of men and women are employed regularly with a heavier
force in the summer. They handle from 80,000 to 200,000 pounds of raw milk
daily. Butter and cheese are al]so produced here and grain and potatoes are
grown in this section of the cointy. A large canning factory takes care of
about a thousand acres of peas. Fishing is good in many lakes adjacent to
the city.
                               BL OER ADVANCE
Circulation, 1000         Is it sw'orn? Yes                        Thursday
Advertising Rates - Display, per inch 25g.     Classified, per inch 25g.
     Agency Commission, 15%.   Cash discount, 2%.
Mechanical Requirements - Width of Column, 13 ems.    Depth of column, 20
     inches.  Columns to page, 6.  Body type, 10 pt.    Screen of Halftones,
     coarse.  Use Mats! No
Advertising Represnetatives                     Address
     THE ADVANCE was first published in 1888, its founder and editor being
G. L. Jones.  Succeeding editors have been F. 0. Wisner, E. N. Bowers and
Andrews.  Andrews has been in charge since 1895.
                                       B W
BLOOMINGTON, 657                                                      GRANT
     Hogs, cattle, butter and bg s are the products that take first place
the list of this community's ahief products.

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