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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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ICovering Rural Wisconsin EffoctivolyI
BALD7!IN 666                                                       ST. CROIX
    Baldwin is tho homo of ono of the largest cooperit .'u ereamcries of
Nort' Vest.  It takes at least six large trucks to gather the daily cream
output from the local farms lying within a ton-milo radius of the town.
The W'ostern Cable and Light Company is also a groat asset to the community.
This organization r.ianufactures storage batteries, radio st.ts and lightning
                              BALDWIN BULLETIN
Circulation 1,350                                                      Friday
    V-fin. E. Hawley edits this weekly that vwas established in 1873.
                                      B W
BALSAAM LAKE= 251                                                       
    An inland to.u, six mliles from a railroad, and noted as a summor resort
are the highlights in Balsam Lake's history.   On the local farms general
fari-g'with dairying predominating is carricd on.  Peas is becoming an impor-
tant product ot the community.
                             POLK COUNTY LEDGEi.R
Circulation 1,225                                                    Thursday
    The Lodger has had a checkered career.   It was founded in Nover.bor
when H. A. Pease rioved The Clear Lake Courier to Balsam Lake from Osceola.
During the following year, Pease sold to S. H. Bradbury; since that time
large number of editors have directed this woekly.    On March 15, 1907,
E. 2.
Husband, the present editor took charge.   Husband is also clerk of the county
                                     B W
BAIGOR 856                                                          LA CROSSE
    Canning ranks first among the industries of this La Crosse county comns
ir.unity, peas, corn and dill pickles being prepartd in the local factories.
Bangor is the center of a well-known farming and dairying district.    Hogs
have won a place on local farms, local swine brocders ship breeding stock
11 parts of the country.

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