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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

Almond, 504,   p. 13 PDF (221.8 KB)

Amery, 1,203,   p. 13 PDF (221.8 KB)

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Page 13

lCovoring Rural Wiscon0in EffoctivolyI
ALMOND, 504                                                          Portage
        This Portago county town is locatod in a potato growing and dairy-
ing district.
                             PORTAGE COUNTY PRESS
Circulation 750
        The Pross was foundod in 1901. Its presont oditor is Ernost B.
                                     B W
AMERY,  1,203                                                           
        Located in tho hoart of an oxtensive dairy country, Amery lists dairy
products as its chief mainstay, Many choose factories and creamorios are
located in an cvor-widening circlo that onclosos the dairy farms of this
tion of Polk county.
                               AMERY FREE PRESS
Circulation 1486                                                    Thursday
        Foundod in 1892 by Mark Frissell, lator editors of the Pross woro
G. Gundorson and Wlilliam Harding. The prosont owner and publishor, B. R.
Atwood, assumod chargo in 1906 aid has been in continuous servico for 19
                -                   ~~~~~~B   W
AMHERST, 588                                                         Portage
        Located in a farming soection in Portago county, Amhorst has within
its bordors flour mills, creamery and potato warehousos.
                               AMHERST ADVOCATE
Circulation 800                                                     Thursday
        In 1893, this wcokly was establishod.   Its presont editor is J.
                                     B W
ANTIGO, 8,541                                                       Langlado
        Lumboring onco roignod suprome in this soction of Langlade county.
Though still important, farming now occupies as oqually a high position.
Antigo aro foundry and machino shops, broom-handlo and furnituro factorios
and planning and saw mills,

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