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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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Covering Rural Wisconsin Ef ctively
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ALGOMA, 1,911                                                       Kewaunee
         The Algoma Panel Company manufacturers plywood panels or veneers
 heist from thin shoots of wood glued under pressure. tmhis is the world's
 pioneer organization in the plywood industry. Throughout the summer there
 are 250 men on its pay roll while in the winter they employ about a hundred
 more. The other outstanding products of this Kewaunee county town are Trumaid
 Nets, 0. K. Ensilago Cutters, Lake trout, American cheese and plumbers'
 woodwork. However, the plywood industry commands first place in prominence
 in the community.
                             ALGOMA RECORD HERALD
Circulation 2,100                                                      Friday
         Founded in 1873, this weekly has developed to be an organ of an
advancement in t~s community. Its present editor is H. H. Heidmann.
                                      B W
ALMA, 970                                                            Buffalo
        Located on the Mississippi river, Alma serves as a trading center
for the surrounding community. Butter, cheese, live stock, poultry, eggs
and fish are shipped from this point. River fishing is the most important
resource of the community.
                           BUFFALO COUNTY JOURNAL
Circulation 1950                                                    Thursday
        This newspaper was founded in 1861, but the names of the early edi-
tors up to 1874 have been lost. From 1874 to 1890 John W; Dogroff served
editor, then came Edwin F. Ganz who continued till 1913. From this later
date Theodore Buechler, Jr., has oditod this Buffalo county newspaper
                                     B V.-
ALMA CENTER , 461                                                     Jackson
        Chief products of this town include cheese, strawberries, stock
cattle trays and corn. Cheese is the most valuable to the section. This com-
munity has numerous trout streams that attract annually great numbers of
                              ALMA CENTER NEWS
Circulation 500                                                     Thursday
        In November 1901, the first number of The News was struck off by
Richardson & Peabody.  Today this weekly is edited by C. N. Pottcr.
-ANOWLEENRAMM,  TMON"           0 1                      b

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