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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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Covering Rural Wisconsin Effectively |E]
ABBOTSFORD, Population 782
        Dairying is the mainstay of this Clark county community. Both
butter and cheese are shipped in large quantities. One. of the warehouses
of the Wisconsin Cheese Federation is located in the town, 31 local cheese
factories being affilated. Local farmers are finding poultry profitable
and the flocks on many nearby farms are supplementing the dairy herd as
profit-makers. Peas are another important product of the community.
                            ABBOTSFORD TRIBUNE
Circulation                                            Published on Friday
        E. S. Clark is the publisher of this weekly. Clark owns several
Badger weeklies, some of which are published in the same plant.
        This section of Adams county depends to a large extent on farming
and dairying. Railroad shops of the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad are
%intained in Adams.
                             ADAMS ADVERTISER
Circulation 650                                                    Saturday
        J. G. Willis, now at White Lake, S.D., founded the Advertiser in
January 22, 1914.   He was succeeded by J. W. Houghton in 1917.
                                     B W
        Located 28 miles south of the capitol city, Albany is fortunately
situated in the heart of a dairying and stock raising district. Its chief
industries include flour mills, canneries, condensaries, cement block and
ring and latch factories.   Grain, tobacco and sugar beets are also grown
on Albany farms.
                             ALBANY VINDICATOR
Circulation  _     _Thursday
        This weekly was established in 1183.     Its present editor is 0.
ADAMS I 1"119

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