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Milwaukee's community renewal program: Urban renewal techniques
(May 1964)

Appendix B : Staff job descriptions,   pp. 49-51 ff.

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The Community Organization Specialist assists the Community Organization Supervisor in planning, de-
veloping, and executing programs of community and neighborhood organization as part of the total urban devel-
opment program. He organizes property owners and tenants and maintains close liaison with community councils,
neighborhood citizen groups, and local agencies to promote citizen participation. He helps initiate and promote
programs to improve neighborhoods. He assists in the preparation of educational materials explaining the pro-
gram. He interprets the conservation program by speaking before community groups.
The Rehabilitation Advisor administers and is responsible for planning, developing, and executing a
program to improveexisting deteriorated dwellings, structures, and physical aspects of an urban development
area. He supervises and trains a staff of rehabilitation specialists who inspect structures, advise on improve-
ments, and persuade property owners to upgrade and remodel their homes in accord with approved rehabilita-
tion standards. He helps develop standards, formulates methods and procedures, maintains contact with contrac-
tors and building material suppliers, recommends spot acquisition where necessary, and screens applications for
building permits in conservation areas. He coordinates with other officials and advisory services in determin-
ing the extent and nature of rehabilitation for individual structures. He is responsible for obtaining voluntary com-
pliance with standards and refers extreme cases to enforcement agencies when necessary. He reviews proposed
contracts and advises on clarity, completeness, and standards of acceptability on completed work. He may
compile a list of ethical contractors for use by property owners. He maintains records of inspection, violations,
property data, and current condition data. He works with contractors, building material suppliers, and archi-
tects in setting up displays and exhibits which show methods and available supplies used in home improvements.
He maintains a close working relationship with the Financial Advisor, the Community Organization Supervisor,
and the staff Architect.
The Rehabilitation Coordinator is responsible for all rehabilitation in an assigned area under the direct
supervision of the Rehabilitation Advisor. He organizes and administers a program of improvement of existing
deteriorated dwellings, structures, and physical aspects of a project area, and he works with property owners
and tenants to secure compliance with established standards. He is in charge of all cases which cannot be
handled in a routine manner.
The Rehabilitation Specialist inspects buildings within a conservation project area as part of a blight
prevention and property improvement program. He determines whether conditions of buildings and premises meet

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