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Milwaukee's community renewal program: urban renewal techniques
(May 1964)

VI. Milwaukee's strategy for renewal,   pp. 41-42

Page 42

adjoining areas lend themselves to successful renewal treatment, special efforts should be made to
coordinate both kinds of activities. Over a long period of time this tends to establish a better pat-
tern of new development which will indirectly increase the tax base. A more immediate benefit is
that the city will receive credit for public improvements should a federally assisted renewal project
be initiated.
4.  Broadening renewal to include a major emphasis on conservation to the extent feasible and based on
the community's needsand resources. Milwaukee's renewal program to date has featured redevelop-
ment rather than conservation as the dominant type of renewal treatment. With a better understand-
ing of the community's needs and a more effective mobilization of its resources, conservation has
a greater potential for success. The city in its recognition that preventing blight is no less important
than eradicating it, should place an increased emphasis on conservation in its total renewal program.
5.  Increased citizen participation in all phases of renewal activity in order to assure the development
of plans and programs which are most desired by the citizens. Planning for the successful renewal
of the community must be oriented toward peoples' needs and preferences. Citizen participation in
the renewal planning process should be an essential ingredient in specifying what these needs and
preferences are.

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