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Milwaukee's community renewal program: Urban renewal techniques
(May 1964)

V. Organization for renewal,   pp. 36-40

Page 39

Disposal (Sale) of Land. As property acquisition and building demolition are completed, all cleared
land for sale to private enterprise is advertised for sale. A disposition policy is adopted and necessary disposition
documents are assembled and submitted to prospective bidders. A number of factors assist the Redevelopment
Authority in selecting the bidders who will redevelop the land, for example:
1. The degree towhich redevelopment proposals meet the objectivesand requirementsof the Urban
Renewal Plan.
2.  The quality and appropriateness of the proposals in relation to architectural and site planning
3. The economic soundness of the proposals and the measure of community return provided by the
proposed redevelopment as related to the general welfare of the city.
4.  The financial responsibility, qualifications, experience, and ability of the redevelopers to
complete the proposed redevelopment.
5.  The maximum prices obtainable for the land.
Redevelopment and/or Rehabilitation. This phase constitutes the culmination of the entire sequence of
project planning and execution activities. New buildings and related improvements are constructed and exist-
ing buildings are rehabilitated. A final project audit is made, a financial settlement with URA reached, and
project activity draws to a close. The area reverts to private status with governmental controls limited to pro-
visions in the Urban Renewal Plan and municipal codes.
As it applies to public renewal, Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) is a method of planning,
replanning, and evaluating activities involved in the project planning process in order to better control, ad-
minister, and expedite them. PERT was first developed in 1958 at the Navy Special Projects Office by a team
which analyzed the application of statistical and mathematical methods to the planning, evaluation, and con-
trol of research and development. The Navy's first application of PERT was in the development of the Polaris
submarine. By 1961 the technique had found application in certain areas of the Air Force, Army, and special
agencies of both government and private industry. Today the value of applying PERT to public renewal pro-
gramming is being considered by a number of city renewal agencies across the country. Milwaukee might well
follow their example.

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