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Milwaukee's community renewal program: Urban renewal techniques
(May 1964)

IV. Redevelopment,   pp. 22-35

Page 35

Renewal Techniques for Eligible Public Renewal Areas Not Within the Six Year Program. Due to sev-
eral limiting factors, governmentally assisted redevelopment and conservation projects cannot be undertaken in
the number, size, or with the scheduling that blighted conditions might warrant. Examples of possible limiting
factors include (1) insufficient city funds to undertake many projects within a given time period, (2) evidence
of a poor market for land that could be cleared, (3) an inadequate supply of housing or of commercial quarters
for families and businesses that would have to be relocated, (4) insufficient citizen interest in conservation pro-
grams, and (5) inadequate number of social agency personnel to provide assistance to residents affected by pro-
posed project activity. Consequently, within a six year program only a portion of the areas that might ideally
be renewed on a project basis can be so renewed. What happens to the remaining eligible project areas?
Although some of these areas may regenerate themselves without governmental project assistance, others
may grow worse. Some aging or blighted areas both in Milwaukee and in other cities are regenerating them-
selves largely because of their proximity to successfully executed urban renewal projects or to intown areas of
private renewal. The activity of new investment in adjacent areas can be contagious. Other areas, however,
are less desirably situated and remain blighted or actually deteriorate further. Trends and conditions within
these areas need to be regularly assessed and determinations made of the type of renewal techniques to be used
at different time intervals. Intensive code enforcement, initiation of special tax abatement programs to en-
courage private investment, development of area master plans, and the extension of special educational and
social services to "problem families" are among the measures that could be constructively undertaken to reduce
or contain blight until a project is initiated or as the area regenerates itself. The importance of having renewal
treatment programs for all areas of the community at all times whether or not renewal projects are scheduled
cannot be overestimated.

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