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Milwaukee's community renewal program: Urban renewal techniques
(May 1964)

III. Conservation,   pp. 7-21

Page 21

8.  The financial specialist will meet with the family and discuss their financial situation to determine
the amount the family can afford to spend on rehabilitation.
9.  The financial analysis showing the financial capability of the owners to make improvements will be
sent to the architect who will prepare sketches and/or make recommendations. The architect will
visit the buildings only if necessary. The rehabilitation specialist will provide additional informa-
tion needed by the architect. When the recommendations are ready the architect will meet with
the rehabilitation specialist and discuss the recommendations.
10.  The rehabilitation specialist will present the owner with a letter listing the code violations and the
conservation standard deficiencies, and the architectural recommendations and sketches. He will
also have a plan to finance the improvements. He will attempt to sell the proposals to the owners in
a package. In some cases it will be necessary to arrange meetings between the architect and the
owner, for example, if there is a disagreement on design, etc. In other cases it will be necessary
to program improvements over a period of time rather than accomplishing all the rehabilitation at
11.  If the owner decides to proceed with the work the rehabilitation specialist may furnish a list of
several reliable contractors. Three bids will be obtained. The specialist will follow up and assist
owners in obtaining permits, etc. He will follow the work as it progresses to see thatit is done satis-
factorily. He will arrange with the owner to have placed in the yard a sign reading, "This property
is being improved in cooperation with the conservation program of the city of Milwaukee."
12. When the work is done to the owner's satisfaction, the owner will sign completion certificates.
13.  The rehabilitation specialist will arrange for "after" pictures of the building.
14.  The Community Organization Supervisor will arrange for public recognition of the owners who re-
habilitate their properties according to the recommendations. The owner may receive a certificate
and an award may be put on his house.
15.  If owners refuse to rehabilitate and the conservation staff cannot achieve improvement through per-
suasion, the building and health inspectors will be asked to use their police powers to have code
violations corrected.

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