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Milwaukee's community renewal program: urban renewal techniques
(May 1964)

I. Summary,   pp. 1-4

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rendered. To best apply these insights, techniques, and orgazational machinery, a basic strategy of renewal
should be adopted. Following are the major components of this strategy:
1.  Renewal action program based on comprehensive analysis of needs and resources.
2.  Systematic program of blight elimination in order to catch up and then stay ahead of spreading
3.  Establishment of high priority projects (both conservation and redevelopment) based on the concepts
of containing or ringing the areas of most blight, eliminating the worst housing conditions in the
city, and acting in areas which have the greatest success potential.
4.  Intensive code enforcement and increased city services of other types in areas in need of treatment
but not designated for immediate clearance.
5.  Intensive educational and social service programs in problem areas.
6.  Location and timing of governmentally sponsored conservation and redevelopment projects in such
waysaswill encourage and foster maximum private rehabilitation and redevelopment.
7.  Coordination of renewal action with other public activities in order to obtain the greatest benefits
for the least cost.
8.  Broadening renewal to include a major emphasis on conservation to the extent feasible and based
on the community's needs and resources.
9.  Increased citizen participation in all phases of renewal activity in order to assure the development
of plans and programs which are most desired by the citizens.

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