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Milwaukee's community renewal program: Urban renewal techniques
(May 1964)

I. Summary,   pp. 1-4

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Other federal agencies perform less central but still important functions in the federal renewal program.
The Public Housing Administration assists municipalities in the planning, programming, and financing of public
housing for low income people. The Federal Housing Administration administers a mortgage insurance program
for urban renewal housing. The Federal National Mortgage Association provides a secondary market for feder-
ally insured mortgage loans. The Small Business Administration assists small businesses displaced by federally
assisted redevelopment projects.
In areas suitable for governmentally assisted redevelopment differing degrees of clearance may be war-
ranted depending on the condition of structures and environmental factors. In areas not suitable for govern-
mentally assisted redevelopment, other renewal policies and techniques are necessary. Conservation with spot
clearance and redevelopment is appropriate to the community's stable older areas. Zoning, code enforcement,
and public improvements are among the important techniques to be used in areas of substantial private renewal.
It is important that the city establish renewal policies and treatment programs for all needy areas of the com-
munity at all times. Specific policies and programs will vary with changing conditions.
If the pace of urban renewal quickens, the planning staff of the Department of City Development will
need to be expanded. The relocation staff should be increased commensurate with the magnitude of a greatly
increased workload and expanded relocation services. There is need to establish a position of Public Information
Officer who would be responsible for producing and distributing departmental reports, news releases, brochures,
and other communications.
The Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT), as applied to public renewal, is a method of plan -
ning, replanning, and evaluating project activities in order to better control, administer, and expedite them.
Its application to Milwaukee's urban renewal program deserves serious consideration.
Milwaukee's Community Renewal Program provides fresh insights into the city's problems, needs, goals,
and resources. It outlines the techniques whereby the city can constructively assist private enterprise in the re-
newal of Milwaukee, and it establishes more complete organizational machinery whereby this assistance can be

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