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Milwaukee's community renewal program: urban renewal techniques
(May 1964)

I. Summary,   pp. 1-4

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The willingness and ability of the property owners to make improvements will determine the success of
the conservation program. Expert guidance by the conservation staff will assist property owners in selecting the
type of financing which best meets their needs and their ability to repay.
Although there are several methods of financing home improvements, there will still remain the problem
of owners who cannot get loans through regular financing channels. Owners with bad credit ratings or with in-
comes too low to repay loans within a reasonable period of time will seriously affect the program. Techniques
should be established to aid these persons in financing their property improvements.
In order to meet federal requirements, the city must recruit and train a conservation staff to provide the
advisory services necessary to encourage home improvements. If the city has difficulty recruiting personnel, it
may be necessary to contract for architectural, social diagnostic, and other services.
Most rebuilding activity in Milwaukee is taking place and will probably continue to take place on an
individual property basis rather than on a renewal project basis. Techniques that are being used or can be used
to assist private redevelopment include (1) master planning, (2) zoning, (3) city code enforcement, (4) urban
renewal policies and action, (5) public improvements, (6) community facilities, (7) property taxation, (8) econ-
omic subsidy of private redevelopment, and (9) treatment of social problems.
In municipally assisted redevelopment the city without federal aid acquires property, demolishes build-
ings andsellsthe cleared land toprivateenterprise forsubsequent redevelopment. The primary role of municipally
assisted redevelopment wilI be that of resolving isolated problems which demand immediate remedy and which
have favorable project costsand market conditions. Forexample, acquiring blighted land and selling the cleared
land to industrial and commercial firms whose expansion needs are of critical public interest but who cannot
assemble the land to meet these needs.
Federally assisted clearance and redevelopment is primarily directed toward eradicating blight within
those areas of the community which are hopelessly deteriorated. The Urban Renewal Administration, charged
with administering the federal renewal program, has established six types of projectswhich cities like Milwaukee
can undertake: (1) residential projects, (2) non-residential projects, (3) college, university, or hospital projects,
(4) open land projects, (5) open land exception projects, and (6) demonstration projects.

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