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University of Wisconsin. Dept. of Agricultural Journalism / 22 community building advertisements : use them to bring your bank greater prestige, increased goodwill, more business

Chapman, C. J.
Are your crops hungry for lime? PDF (261.8 KB)

.    ~Release Week Beginnng October 13
Are Your Crops
Hungry for Lime?
                          LIME is so useful in building up barren, worn-out
    By C. J. Chapman      farms that it's often called "white gold".
I have seen
    WiaconAn College      sandy farms with hardly a blade of grass growing
on them
    of Agriculture        changed within a few years to a high state of fertility.
                          Such transformations are many times the result
of lime
                          and legumes.
                             Lime serves us best when we use it to grow legumes,
           '              such as alfalfa, clovers, and peas. With plenty
of lime
                          and other essential plant foods all crops, of course,
                             Use lime on sour land and you build up your
                          Lime is a plant food vital to growth. Also with
                          of lime it's easy to enrich the soil and grow high
                          protein feeds.
                             In addition to lime, your farm may benefit by
                          phosphorous or potash. The simplest and easiest
way to
                          know whether your farm will profit by applying
lime, or
                          phosphorous or potash, is to drop a card to the
State Soils
                          Laboratory, Wisconsin College of Agriculture, Madison.
                          The service tells you exactly what your soil needs
for the
                          greatest yields. . . . Why not write now I
                                  Another article by Mr. Chapman on improv-
                                  ing the ao will appear in an early issue.
                    "For Farm Prosperity"
              [Name of Your Bank)

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