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Colby, Wisconsin centennial

Sketches of pioneers,   pp. 18-127

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Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Panke were born in East Prussia,
Germany in the 1850's. They were married there in 1882 and
came to the U.S. Nov. 7, 1883. They arrived in Colby Nov. 11,
1883. They had seven children.
They observed their golden wedding Sept. 17, 1932. They
were attended by Mr. and Mrs. Pokallus, Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Baumgart and Mr. and Mrs. John Beill who also attended their
wedding in Germany.
These early pioneers faced many hardships. The Panke's;
ship to this country sprang a leak, and all on board were ob-
liged to pump and carry water to save the vessel from sinking.
Mrs. Paul Draeger, a daughter of the Pankes, lives in Colby.
New July Building erected in 1902 (brick veneered) 3rd from left, Tom
Selves; 4th from left, Pete Harry Sr.; 8th, Wm. Will Jr.
MATHIAS KAUDY Born in France in 1826, where he lived
until 1848. He then came to New Orleans, living there until
1856, coming to Colby in 1882. He owned and operated a fan-
ning mill factory. He was married to Mary Boto, native of
France. They had nine children.
Mr. Kaudy was a member of the county board.
Xathias Kaudy
Golden Anniversary Sept. 17, 1932
1883 - -
A liberty pole was raised on the square in front of the Col-
by House; thereafter on occasions of note, the stars and stripes
waved over the city.

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