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Hurley, R. V.; Clark, J. W.; Blodau, Violet V. / County and home agents' report--1942 [Dane County, Wisconsin]

[War service work],   pp. 11-13 PDF (863.3 KB)

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     Due to the antloipated shortage of certain imported foods, fruits
and some vegetables, the rork of this committee was to encourage every
farm family:
     1. To grow a well planned garden.
     2. l4.H club members to raise a family sized Victory Garden.
     3. To store or preserve an ample supply of vegetables for winter
         use. (see circular next page)
     4. To keep the family well by using the proper amount of good
         fruits and vegetables and thus aid our country in this great
         war effort.
     mJTRITIOx -
     The work of the nutrition committee, closely correlated with that
of the garden and war food committee, will be discussed by Miss Violet
Blodau, Home Agent, in her part of this annual report.
     The work of the county civilian defense committee has been well
organized with the chairman of the County Board and the Mayor of Madison
as co.uhairmen.  The regular civilian defense organization had already
made town chairmen responsible for civilian defense activities. There-
fore, to avoid duplication, the volunteer war service committee asked
these supervisors to serve as chairmen of this work in their respective
     The principal work on civilian defense done by the county agents'
office, in cooperation with the civilian defense committees, may be
stated briefly as follows:
     1. Discussed at Joint meetings of labor and civilian defense
         committees practical methods to prevent inflation (see enclos-
         ed sheet)
    2. Upon the advice and recommendation of the Dane County Board
         of Supervisors and the civilian defense committeemen, im-
         portant information and check sheets on a county-wide cam-
         paign to Prevent Farm Fires was sent out to all farm families
         through the rural and graded schools in Dane County.

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