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Hurley, R. V.; Clark, J. W.; Blodau, Violet V. / County and home agents' report--1942 [Dane County, Wisconsin]

County program of work for the year of 1942,   p. 2 PDF (331.8 KB)

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                               OOMITY PPDGRAM 0o WORI
                                  TxH YzaU Or 1942
     The Agricultural Committee, consisting of Alfred Mueller, chairman,
Bother Krakow, secretary, Prank Ballweg, Leonard Xuhl, F. A. Stewart, Miss
Blanche Losineki, met on November 1, 1941, with Mr. B. P. Rusy, Asst. State
Agent Leader, R. V. Eurley, County Agrtl. Agent, J. W. Clark, Asst. County
and Miss Violet Dlodau, Home Agent, and outlined a program of work for the
of 1942. About 15 people, representing various organizations in the county,
were invited to help in this program planning meeting. The following projects
as listed below were selected:
Major Problems
1. Youth Organiz-
2. Maintain Soil
3. Crop Improve-
   ment, Weed Con-
4. Economical Pro-
   duction of Meat,
   Milk, and Poultry
5. Farm Family
6. Better Living on
   the Farm.
Phases of Work
4-H Club Work, Junior
Leadership, Cooperate
with F.F.A.-
Soil testing, lime and
fertilizer program.
Pasture improvement.
Economical grain pro-
duction. Legume sil-
age, corn husking con-
test, weed control.
Dairy Herd Improve-
ment, Qaiality milk
Program. Netter Herd
Sires, Swine, Sheep
and Poultry Improve-
Farm and Home Manage-
ment of Flocks and
Herds, Food and Cloth-
Good gardens, meat,
fruits atd vegetables.
Care of health. Home
grounds beautification.
. Goals or Achievement
800 club members, 35 clubs, 80%
achievement. Develop Junior and
adult leadership. Junior and
State rair activities. Stress
projects for Nat'l. defense.
Test soil on 300 farms. Apply
lime on 1000 farms. Wise use
of fertilizers and lime. Co-
operate with S.C.S. in work
plan for district.
Variety tests on grains. Advise
use of legumes and sorgums for
silage.  Soybeans for seed and
protein feed. Urge control of
Canada thistles, Creeping Jenny
and leafy spurge.
Maintain 8 DHI Associations. Or-
ganize 1 new if necessary. Work
on qaality Milk Program. Better
herd sire campaign through 4-H
& F.P.A. bull project. Increase
use of dairy products. Improve
sheep, swine and poultry.
Better care & feeding of all
livestock and poultry. Home
production, preservation and
storage of good quality food.
Care and repair of family cloth-
Demonstrations on gardens, cut-
ting, curing, canning and drying
of meats and vegetables. Im-
prove homes.
7. Correlate County Extension Program to National Agricultural War Program.

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