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Cartwright, Carol Lohry; Shaffer, Scott; Waller, Randal / City on the Rock River : chapters in Janesville's history

10. Recreation and entertainment,   pp. 177-188

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The success of the Janesville Mutuals sparked an interest in baseball that grew in the twentieth
century. Amateur teams flourished. In 1941, another professional team, the Janesville Cubs,
participated in the Class D Wisconsin State League, but in 1953, the group disbanded. The
Janesville Cubs played at the Rock County Fairgrounds and were well-supported by the city of
Janesville. Janesville lost out to Beloit on having a minor league baseball team. But four local
men have made it to the big leagues: Joe Cantillion, Bill Lathrop, Sr., Bob Strampe, and Tom
Klawitter. ("1870 Team Leads Off City's Baseball Lineup" 1985:8E)
One of the most significant local baseball events occurred in 1958 when Boys Baseball, Inc., was
created. This little league program has flourished since that time, and today, boys baseball is
one of the most popular youth programs in the city. The organization has a 10-acre, four-
diamond ballpark on the east side of Janesville. Another popular program in Janesville is the
American Legion baseball; the young men's teams that have won several state championships.
("1870 Team Leads Off City's Baseball Lineup"1985:8E)
Recreational sports facilities in Janesville have not been adequately surveyed, so an evaluation
of historic resources related to these facilities cannot be made at this time. One facility stands
out, however. Monterey Stadium, located in Monterey Park, is operated by the City of
Janesville and the Janesville School District. During the early twentieth century, Janesville
began building recreational facilities in its park system; this activity culminated with the
building of Monterey Stadium in 1931. The city and school district pooled their resources with
a federal grant to get the project completed. The new stadium replaced the inadequate
facilities used for school football games and other athletic events. In 1984, a privately funded
renovation project upgraded the stadium with new lights, an expanded track, a press box, and
other amenities, making an already good stadium a first-class facility. Because of its
importance to the history of sports recreation in the city, the Monterey Stadium (800 Riverside
St.) is potentially individually eligible for the National Register of Historic Places
("Monterey Happened-Twice" 1985:8E)
Another important recreational facility in Janesville is the Janesville Ice Arena. Opened in
1974, the Janesville Ice Arena provides recreational facilities for hockey teams, figure and
speed skating programs, and public recreational skating. Because of its recent construction date,
it is not potentially individually eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.
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Recreation and Entertainment

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