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Pope, Amelia Irene Johnson (ed.) / Centennial history, Township of Springdale, Dane County, Wisconsin : souvenir booklet, 1848-1948

Springdale 1848-1948: organize group to complete town history,   pp. 5-168 PDF (45.3 MB)

Page 151

Baseball-First Team 1900
The first team Riley had was before John R. Riley's time. The
players on that team were Manager Joe Dunn, Joe Turney, Jim
Brown, Jim Cook, Bert Dryden, Andrew Henderson, and Umpire
Sam Ireland, Alfred Cordeau. Anthony Turney and Anthony Carr
who have all passed away and John Riley. Jim Riley are the only
living ones left from this team.
Then came the team called the Riley team. That was about
1905. This team was a good ball club. One afternoon when Pop
Henderson was 8 years old they were one man short and they
gave him a chance to play. He has not missed many Sundays since.
Then about 1910 Riley organized a young team and called them-
selves the Riley Blue Boys. The team was Malcolm Seth, Lesley
Henderson, Clarence Henderson, Joe Henderson, Forest Hender-
son, Harrison White, Harvey McCaughey, Geo. Riley, Willie
Babe, and James Brown. The first man to move away was Geo.
Riley. who moved to Madison. where he played with the City of
Madison Championship team, called the Madison Square Ramblers.
He brought his Ramblers out to Riley only to be defeated by his
home towi.
In the fall of 1911. with everybody moving away, Riley's team
broke up for a few years. Pop went over and played three years
with Mt. Vernon. At that time the great Dr. Dimo Connor was
catching for Mt. Vernon. Paul Brink and Lefty Connor were the
pitchers. Now all three have passed away. Then we went over and
played on a fine team called Springdale; then played with Pine
Bluff. In 1929 Pop organized a new Riley team. They won a few
and lost a few. In the year of 1931 with the help of Leo Eagen from
Paoli and Alford Olson of Montrose they organized the Sugar
River Valley  Baseball League.   Riley finished  in  second
place. In 1932 Riley won the championship: they   won   13,
lost 2. The team was Julian Johnson, Palmer Johnson, Ted Spaa-
nero, D. Bakken, Art Thompson, Harold Monum. Glen Johnson,
Howard Hunisel, Jerome Brown. Laurence Iversen, Leo Coyle,
Cv Henderson and Pop as manager. In 1933 they won second place.
In 1937 they again were league champions, winning 9 losing 2.
This team was Gay Steensrud, Laurence Iversen, Arnold Bohle,
Howard Hunisel, Donald O'Connor, Norm Henderson, Jay Hen-
derson, Don Henderson, and Manager Pop Henderson. In 1938
Riley came in second, but 1939 Riley again tied for champion-
ship but lost 3-4 in the playoff. In 1940 won the championship.
This team was Jay Henderson, Don Henderson, Kendal Coyle,
Norm Henderson, V. Hermans, Arnold Bohle, Glen Williamson.
Mvrland Vass, Don O'Connor. and manager Pop Henderson. In
1941 Ed Pastor of Madison gave them new suits and sponsored
the team. Again they won the championship. This team was
Myrland Vass, Norm Henderson. Conrad Paulson, Art Thompson,
Don Henderson, Don O'Connor, Julian Johnson, Jay Henderson,
Eugene Slatton, and Manager Pop Henderson. This team went

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