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Pope, Amelia Irene Johnson (ed.) / Centennial history, Township of Springdale, Dane County, Wisconsin : souvenir booklet, 1848-1948

Springdale 1848-1948: organize group to complete town history,   pp. 5-168 PDF (45.3 MB)

Page 142

five girls and four boys. namely. Bertha (Mrs. A. 1F. Giddings, Chi-
cago), Marie (Mrs. Jfames Brown, Mt. Horeb), Randi (deceased),
Amanda (Mrs. F. G. Wellnaun, Chicago), Ole (deceased), Richard,
(Springdale), Fritchoff (deceased). Delmar (deceased). and Olivm-
pia (Mrs. 1). F. Bow man, Madison).
W\hen the )resent Springdale Lutheran church was built, An-
drew Grinde drove a team of horses to Milwaukee and brought
back the church bell. He was on the Springdale town board while
Michael Johnson was chairman, and when Mr. Johnson resigned
that office Mr. Grinde succeeded him.
The only member of the family still residinu in Springdale is
Richard, who resides on the farm he purchased from the late James
Malone estate. Richard married Elsie Haberland and to them one
son. Richard Martin. was born. Richard Martin is the only male
descendant to carry the Grinde name.
One of the first Defendants Bonds of Springdale. filed Oct..
Known all men bc their presents that w e Thomas L. Black-
burn and Richard Blackburn are held and firml- bound unto Wi-
lliam Whalen in the sum of two hundred dollars to be l)aid to him.
to his executors, administors or assigns to which payment will and
truly to be made wxe bind and each of us bind ourselves our heir
executors and administers firmly by these presents sealed with our
seal and dated this 4th day of October 1860. W\here as the above
named William  Whalen commenced an action before John J.
Berge one of the Justice of the Peace in and for the town of
Springdale against the above bounden Thomas IL. Blackburn to
recover damages for a certain trespass alledged to have been com-
mitted by the said Thomas L. Blackburn in a certain close of him
the said ANWilliam Whalen situated in the town of Springdale afore-
said and the said Thomas L. Blackburn in bar of said action plead
the issue accompanied by a notice showing that the title of land
,will come in question in the trial of said cause no\v therefore the
condition of this obligation is such that if the said William Whalen
shall commence a suit in the County Court for the County of Dane
for the same cause of action whereon he relied before the afore-
said Justice the said Thomas L. Blackburn do appeal and plead
to such action then this obligation to be null and void otherwise
to be in full force and effect.
Thos. L. Blackburn
Richard Blackburn
Sealed and delivered in presence of Sarah Blackburn.
I approve the above bound and security.
John L. Berge
Justice of the Peace

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