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Henry, W. A. (William Arnon), 1850-1932 / Central Wisconsin : its possibilities and future

Northern Wisconsin: its agricultural possibilities,   pp. 3-8 PDF (1.1 MB)

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own seed, this greatest of all crops in the Miuis-
sippi valley will become a common one all over
the north. If the farmers can grow corn as far
north as Winnepeg, Manitoba, as they are doing,
what is the use of questioning the possibilities of
growing corn in northern Wisconsin? Oats,
barley, and wheat, especially the former, yield
good crops in northern Wisconin. The finest
field of oats the writer ever saw was in northern
Wisconsin. Under favorable conditions as
much as 100 bushels of oats per acre have been
produced, although the common yield is from
forty to fifty bushels per acre.
    With all of these facts firmly established,
there is no need of longer discussing what crops
can be grown in our new north. The next
question is: "What industries will flourish there
aside from mere crop growing?"
    First of all let it be known that northern
Wisconsin is particularly adapted to dairying,
and in dairying, cheese production should be the
leading line. The farmers of Iowa and northern-
Illinois can produce milk which will make fine
butter. These farmers, however, cannot send
milk to the factory that will make the highest
grade of cheese. Milk for cheese making must
be purer and more wholesome than that which
will make good butter. Now, because of Its
abundance of luscious grasses, its healthful
climate and its cool, purer waters everywhere
present, the farmers of northern Wisconsin have
special advantages for the production of milk of
unusual excellence, and from such milk there
can be made a quality of cheese that is equalled
nowhere else In all this great country. We all
know the high quality of Canada cheese.
Wisconsin's climate is much the'same as that of

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