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Town of Cassel centennial

Family histories,   pp. 77-159

Page 77

The farm which we, Clarence and Mary
Adamski are living on now is quite old.
The records show that in the year of
1857, it was owned by Olan Dunn, which
he received from United States.
He received the land from the United
States government, in the pursuance Act
of Congress approved March 3, 1855,
titled, "Act in Addition to Certain Acts
granting Bounty Land to Certain Officers
and Soldiers who have been engaged in
Military Service of United States." Olan E
Dunn was from Kragive, Norway, Europe.
I'm not sure but the way I understand is
that he just owned the land, he did not
have any buildings on it.
The records also show that October 1,
1872, Olan E Dunn sold the property to
B. Ringle for $200.00. B. Ringle owned
the land until September 19, 1876, and
sold it for $250.00 to Joseph and Magda-
lene Adamski, who were my Grand-
mother and my Granddad. I do not know
if any kind of buildings were on the farm
or not, but I do know it was a beginning of
the Adamski Era on the location.
Joseph and Magdelene immigrated to
the United States in 1873, according to
the 1880 census. They came from the
area that was called Prussia. Poland did
not exist as a country at that time. They
had a family of 12 children, but they were
not all born in the United States.
The family left this area. Only a few
remain here. Some went to Michigan, and
to the West and settled in the State of
Anton and Martha Adamski and family
My grandparents had many hardships;
to clear land, to feed the few cattle that
they had. They also were the charter
members when the township was formed,
100 years ago. The transportation was
walk, or ride on horse and wagon. My
Dad did mention that once in a while Indi-
ans did come to the house and Grandma
would give some bread or something to
eat, and they would leave.
My Dad was born in 1892, that started
the 2nd generation on the farm. Around
1910, they build a barn that is still stand-
ing today on the farm. My dad, Anton,
stayed on the farm for he was the baby of
the family. He was with them until May
12, 1917, then he bought the farm from
my Grandparents.
He also was married that same year to
Martha Jakubowski, on May 29. They had
a family of four sons, Victor, Anton Jr.,
Edwin (Dean) and Clarence.
Grandma and Grandpa lived on the
farm, but they had separate quarters in
the house. They lived there until
Grandma died in 1929. In March of 1931
disaster came to the farm with a chimney
fire that burned the house down. My dad
Anton and Martha Adamski
Joseph Adamski
Maodalene Adamski

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