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Town of Cassel centennial

Cheese factories,   pp. 54-56

Saloon licenses (1899-1920),   pp. 56-57

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two years when the building was
destroyed by fire. He left in search of
other work only to return again and
rebuild. He operated the plant with his
family, LeRoy and Donald until 1944, at
which time it was sold to the Frank Ryser
Corporation of Mayville, Wisconsin. For
the next seven years there were several
different cheesemakers, including Myron
Benzyn, Hank Voltz and Leanard Weisen-
bergen In May 1951 the Pine Valley Coop-
erative was formed. Charter officers
were, Ignatz Lang, John Boehm, Louis
Pospychalla, Alois Soxzka and Anton
Burger. Alex Karlen was hired as the first
cheesemaker and manager
Several cheesemakers after Alex were,
Jim Burish, Don and Tom Fahey. The
Wisconsin Dairies bought out the Co-op
in 1984 and operated the plant for 6 years.
In August of 1990 they closed the opera-
tion in Cassel and moved to Milan.
Co-op dissolved and the factory was sold
to a Green Bay firm. They hired Mark
Handrick as their cheesemaker, but in a
years time the well ran dry and the plant
was closed down. How and when a new
well was drilled is not known, but, in 1954
another cheesemaker, Kenneth Luther,
purchased the plant and made cheese
there till 1959. The building is now the
site of the Buetsch Implement Co.
(1899 - 1920)
Theodore Lepak - April 15, 1899 &
Charles Wenzel - April 19, 1899. Paid
$16.00 for 3 months, re-applied in July,
paid $100.00 per year, re-applied each
year until 1903.
1903 - 1905 - Joseph Kordus, WE
Ceranski, Charles Wenzel
1905 - 1906 - Theo Lepak, Theodore H
1907 - 1908 - Alois Buman, John
Wenzel, Stanley Lepak
1909 - Adam Maciejewski
1911 - 1912 - Win. Rucks, Stanley
1912 - 1916 - Wm. Feltz, Otto Kunz,
Win. Rucks, Stanley Lepak,
1917 - 1918 - J.N. Nowak, Stanley
Lepak, Reinold Hamt, Gust Hanlor
March 30, 1920 - A motion made and
second that the saloon license be fixed at
$25.00 per year.
Submitted by Alfred Joswiak
Ray and Jennie Wadzinski
This factory was started by Joseph
Goldbach in the early 1900's, but the
names of the cheesemakers in those early
years are unknown, except for the fact
that there were several of them, until
1921 when it was operated by Bernard
Hemmrich. After him Joseph Michlig
made cheese there till 1933, at which
time he sold it to Herman Marquardt,
another cheesemaker Herman operated it
for 10 years, then it was sold to the farm-
ers, thus Cassel Co-op Cheese Co. was
formed. They hired Arthur Masanz as
their cheesemaker and manager. Some of
the officers were, Reynold Fischer, Alois
Imhoff and John D. Boehm. In 1948 the

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