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Danhouse, Carl W. / The life story of Carl W. Danhouse

Chapter twelve,   pp. 65-71 PDF (2.5 MB)

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The house we rented was a two story old house with a coal
fired boiler, a cistern for rain water, that did not hold enough
to last so it had to be filled with village hard water or the soft
water faucets wouldn't work and there would be no hot water. There
was a bathroom off the kitchen which was a converted pantry and a
second door leading to a spare bedroom or study. If you wanted
privacy you had to lock both doors as someone was always walking
in on you. There was a large living-dining room and a parlor with
a rounded silo effect in the front corner. You had to go to the
front hallway to take an open stairway to the upper floor where
the bedrooms were.
There was a full attic with a wooden floor and when we lived
there there were many pictures there as well as pigeons. There were
several openings through which pigeons would crawl, lay their eggs
there and raise their young and leave their mess there. We had to
get the owner to close the openings and clean this up.
For a garage there was a large barn. That fall we went out
into the country and picked up a lot of black walnuts and put them
upstairs in the barn to dry, leaving an upper door open for air.
One day Grace was working in the kitchen and happened to look out
and saw a very strange sight. She called me and I looked out and
saw half a dozen squirrels going in the lower door running up the
stairs grabbing a nut and running back down with it. They had a
real assembly line going and within an hour they had cleaned out
every nut in the barn. We decided they wanted the nuts more than
we did.
For a couple of years I spent part of my time in the office
in Madison and the rest of the time in Mt. Horeb. Many of my clients
stuck with me for a long time. Grace was still teaching in Madison,
and her mother took care of the children. Dona started to go to
school in Mt. Horeb and soon had a good friend right next door.
On the days when I went to Madison Grace and I would go in together

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