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Danhouse, Carl W. / The life story of Carl W. Danhouse

Chapter eleven,   pp. 60-64 PDF (1.9 MB)

Page 64

double bunks plus a kitchen and a bath which wasn't finished at
the time. They had a chick sales out back plus an old telephone
booth which served the same purpose. Later we added electricity
and water. There were sixteen shares in the club and I bought a
The first year I hunted with this group I got my buck in the
morning and shot one for Leo Sutter in the afternoon. The most
memorable time happened when Roman Sutter and I hunted together.
We each found a stump to sit on and for a while there was no activity.
Suddenly I heard a deer crashing through the brush toward me. I stood
up and readied my gun but the buck saw me and turned directly away
from me. I fired several times and wasn't sure whether I had hit
him or not. Roman came over and we followed the direction he was
going in and found him laying still. We checked him carefully and
couldn't find any blood anywhere. Roman said:
"Carl you must have scared him to death, I can't see any
bullet hole anywhere."
When we dressed him out we did not find any bullet hole in
his hide but a bullet had blown up in his chest cavity.
Frank Clark who lived down the street stopped at our house one
day and asked me if I would like to go fishing some Saturday after-
noon. I told him I didn't have much in the way of fishing equipment
but I would like to go fishing. Frank and I went fishing together
many times on Saturday afternoons and we always caught fish, mostly
Perch, Blue Gills, and an occasional Black Bass. Frank made a study
where the fish were on Lake Mendota and kept a map to show their
movements. Eventually I bought a used boat and Grace and I went
fishing, mostly on Lake Mendota.

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