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Danhouse, Carl W. / The life story of Carl W. Danhouse

Chapter eleven,   pp. 60-64 PDF (1.9 MB)

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The last year I hunted in Vilas County Charley had invited
two men who worked for Hult Chevrolet garage in Madison, and one of
them brought his son along. We stayed in a cottage about a half
mile off the road. It snowed so much that we couldn't get into the
woods to hunt so we went to Sayner to get some food and some liquid
refreshments. Sayner didn't have any fresh meat so we bought a
canned ham along with vegetables, bread, etc. We played cards most
of the afternoon until someone started to get hungry and suggested
we should put the ham in the oven so it would be ready when every-
thing else was ready to eat. As one of the men started to put the
canned ham in the oven we all jumped on him telling him he had to
either cut the cover off or at least puncture some holes in it. He
told us his wife always put a canned ham in the oven without putting
any holes in the can. I told him that if he insisted on doing this
and any damage was caused he would have to pay for the damages him-
Have you ever eaten exploded ham?
We went back to our card game when all of a sudden there was
a trememdous explosion--cards went in every direction and so did
the players. The oven door blew off and ham splattered all over the
refrigerator opposite the stove. The rest of us blew up too and
really jumped all over the wise guy who wouldn't listen to us. The
stove blew up one second after his son passed the stove. That really
shook him.
I refused to ever go hunting with him again.
I hunted in Vilas County about twenty-five years and Charley
and I were the only ones left of the original group.
Charley went to his happy hunting grounds and I had to look
for another place to hunt. It was just as well Charley left for
he didn't really have anything to take with him. His three wives
had pretty well cleaned him out.
After we had moved to Mt. Horeb I joined a Mt. Horeb group
who had a hunting camp in Bayfield County. They had built a good
concrete block building on their land and had a dormatory with

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