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Danhouse, Carl W. / The life story of Carl W. Danhouse

Chapter eleven,   pp. 60-64 PDF (1.9 MB)

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We never hunted in that area again.
The next deer season we made better preparations for our
deer hunting trip. I had water proof boots, a warm wool coat and
pants and a new 30-30 Marlin rifle and I went out in the woods and
practiced with it until I could hit what I aimed at at a reasonable
Charley assured us that this time that he had a definite place
for us to stay in Sayner, and we would be hunting about ten miles
east of there. The roads were icy in the northern part of the state
on this trip and just before we got to Minocqua a Cadillac filled
with hunters passed us, going too fast. They turned and went down
a grade to a bridge to cross the river just outside of Minocqua
still going too fast, and broke through the railings and all drowned.
The authorities were trying to raise the car when we got there.
We continued on to Sayner and found that we would be sleeping
in a garage with a farmer and a school teacher both of whom had
been celebrating considerable. The farmer was given to preaching
to all and sundry so we nichnamed him "The Preacher" and he didn't
know for a number of years why we called him that t4he' name. We
kidded Charley about the deluxe accommodations he had found for us.
It was very cold and drafty in that garage, but the best part was the
cat that insisted on sleeping on Roy's face. He threw the cat out
many times but it always found its way back again.
I hunted hard and saw about one hundred or more deer, all
does, until dusk of that last day when I heard a crashing in the
brush behind me. I stood up and saw a young buck coming toward
me down a hillside. I shot at him three times and he kept on going.
I thought I had missed him so I sat down on a log. In a few minutes
I heard Charley call, "come over this way Carl". I got up and
walked toward Charley and when I got to a big log saw the deer
lying dead on the other side. This was the first deer I ever had
I dressed it out and dragged it to the road, at least this
deer hunt was successful.

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