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Danhouse, Carl W. / The life story of Carl W. Danhouse

Chapter ten,   pp. 55-59 PDF (1.8 MB)

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My mother came down to Madison a year or so after Dona
was born to visit us and see her new grandchild. One day Dona
became constipated and the doctor advised us to use a suppository
to relieve her. Grace and I were in the bathroom trying to use
the suppository and Dona was screaming. The two grandmas tried
to crowd in the bathroom and give their advise and I finally had
to order them out so we could get the job done. For several hours
afterward they kept telling us how cruel we were to poor Dona, they
never did anything like that to their children.
Conditions did not improve very much and finally Congress
passed the H. 0. L. C. Act which helped home owners to hang on to
their homes and prevent them from being foreclosed. We were able
to secure help under this act and hold off any foreclosure pro-
ceedings against our home. Grace was able to keep her job teaching
kindergarten in Longfellow School, but every year we had to go be-
fore the Madison superintendent of schools and report the exact
amount of our income in order to prove we could not survive unless
Grace was permitted to continue to teach. In 1936 conditions began
to improve a bit and we decided we should not wait too long before
we had another child. So Grace made an appointment with the super-
intendent of Madison schools to get permission to have a baby with-
out Grace losing her teaching job. By this time Grace had the
reputation of being one of the best kindergarten teachers in the
system so we secured his permission.
Grace became pregnant and we figured David to be born on
my birthday, July 15th, but I took Grace out for a boat ride on Lake
Mendota on July 6 when the water was pretty rough and I had to hurry
to shore and get in the car and take her to Dr. Holden Robbins'
house. He took one look at her and said:
"My God woman, do you want to have the baby here?"
I hurried her to the hospital and they called her doctor,
Dr. Schneiders, but the baby wouldn't wait for him and Holden had
to deliver his sister's baby. Dr. Schneiders got to the hospital
right after the baby was born.

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