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Danhouse, Carl W. / The life story of Carl W. Danhouse

Chapter ten,   pp. 55-59 PDF (1.8 MB)

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to worry about getting her pregnant because she had had a
hysterectomy operation. I loved my wife too much to get in-
volved in such shenanigans and eventually sent her to another
At the same time I had another divorce case and her main
complaint was that her husband was an alcoholic, even keeping a
bottle under the bed. She said he would get her all worked up
but then couldn't do anything because he was too drunk. She really
was a frustrated woman. She offered to meet me any place any time
but I refused.
One day she came in my office determined to rape me, and she
would have tried if I hadn't called Miss Hamann to come in. I
finally got rid of her by sending her an exorbitant bill.
I put a young couple through bankruptcy who had bought too
much on time payments and couldn't pay their bills. They managed
to get enought to pay the clerk's fee but I had to take s Scottie
dog for my fee. We learned to love "Whiskers", as we called him.
After we moved into our new house at 2614 Mason Street the
neighbors began giving us flower plants. I didn't know anything
about raising flowers but I didn't want to hurt their feelings so
I took them and planted them around the edge of the lot for borders.
I soon found that I had planted the small plants in the back and the
big plants in the front. I went to the library and took home books
to study evenings and I learned when the different plants bloomed
and how tall they grew. I changed the plants around in my borders
in the back yard and got the plants in their proper locations. Since
that time I never lost my love for flower gardening.
A friend of mine helped me build a pool in one corner of the
yard with a small rock garden in back and a bird bath made out of
a hollowed flat stone, and the excess water would drip into the
pool. We attached a 1/4 inch copper tube to the house water system
and brought it (underground) to the bird bath so it could spray into

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