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Danhouse, Carl W. / The life story of Carl W. Danhouse

Chapter two,   pp. 9-14 PDF (2.2 MB)

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a farm. The folks we visited had a boy about my age, and
after running around the front yard for a while he suggested
we slide down the straw stack. That sounded like fun so off
we went and by the time we got tired my behind cheeks were
exposed and the new blue serge knickers were ruined. Then we
went into the barn where I slipped into the manure gutter
with my new shoes so I ended up looking like something the
cat dragged in, and smelling like it too! I got scolded all
the way home; I still don't think it was my fault.
My friend Ralph would come out to our farm occasionally
and we would go to the woods nearby to hunt for wild flowers or
frogs. One Spring we went frog hunting and we came upon one
pond where they were really raising a racket and the pond was
plumb full of frogs. We speared quite a few when we decided to
quit and gather them up. When we looked closely at them we realized
that we had been spearing toads instead of frogs. We were sure
we were going to get warts all over ourselves and didn't know
what to do. We decided we better go home to my house and get some
strong soap and wash outselves good, but it wasn't Saturday night,
how could we take a bath? I decided to ask my mother what to do
and when I told her we wanted to take a bath she was shocked
and couldn't believe it!
"What for?" she asked.
I told her so we wouldn't get warts, and explained what
had happened. Well, she laughed and laughed until the tears
rolled down her cheeks. When she Could talk again she explained
to us that you don't get warts from handling a toad.
Another time Ralph came out and we went out to Tamarack
Swamp where I had been told we could cut down a Christmas tree
and bring it home. The swamp was at least five miles from our
house. When we got there we separated to look for a good tree.

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