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Build Wisconsin

Build Wisconsin [1925, no. 24],   pp. [1]-6 PDF (1.9 MB)

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               Build               Wisconsin
comment.  Right now Hoidmann fools that cortified milk should be produced
the farms of more Kewauneo county dairymen.   In this last issue he editorialized
on this subject showing local folks the wide market for this product that
within their grasp. First of all, ho says, the county must complete the T.
area test.
     How country correspondence and personals are handled Editor Hcidmann
worthy of note. Selecting the most important happening of a community, he
it up in the lead and also puts news in his headlines. There was a half column
of news dealing with the W-|!olf River community in the last issue of the
Herald. Here is the way the heads looked:
                         WOLF RIVER COUPLE LEARNES THAT
                             BEES SOITIiES INHABIT FLOWERS
                          One Man Sets Spuds With
                             Post Hole Digger,
                         Wolf River - A young couple
                         sat down on the grass......
     In covering the community, THE RECORD GERALD certainly lives up to the
slogan that it carries under its .ast head:   "How Straight to the Line,
Let the
Chips Fly Where They Will".
                                      - 30 -
                           TREMPEALEAU COUNTY CREAMERY
                              PAID OUT $26,000 LAST iAONTIH
        J  HAT Editor H. C. Kirkpatrick, of the BLAIR PRESS, plays up news
proportion to its co.umunity value is showman by the manncr in which he used
monthly payment of the local creamery. To distribute 1,26,769 in one community
during the month is not a mattcr of small moment; it effects everybody in
section; it, no doubt, was the biggest thing that happened in the county
the last creamery payment was mades n   d orthy of front page notice, and
a entire
column at that, is the way the Blair editor looked at this news story. The
following heads were used:
                              C R E A M C H E C K S
                              F 0 R   L A S T   1ai 0 N T H
                                   T 0 T A L   $26,769.00
                              Butterfat Continues to Hold
                                 Good Prices and Patrons
                                 Get Big C-ecks for April.
                                 Price of' 48 Cents is Three
                                 Cents Lower Than March.
                                   ---- 30----

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