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Build Wisconsin [1925, no. 17],   pp. [1]-3 PDF (900.4 KB)

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Page 3
                            CHANGE IN EDITORSHIP ON
                                OCONTO COUNTY REPORTER
  NO0 TIME was lost when Doylo L. Buckles assumed the editorship of THE
DCONTO COUNTY REPORTER, replacing W. T. Comstock, who goes to Chicago to
'NIE NATIONAL REAL ESTATE JOURNAL. Buckles comes to Oconto well drilled in
country journalism, having served on several middle western newspapers. A
graduate of the Universiby of Kansas with an enviable war record, he also
is known because of his activities in building better communities.
      Editor Comstock who takes charge of the national publication of the
Estate Association has done remarkable work in publishing THE REPORTER.
BUILD WISCONSIN wishes him continued success in his now enterprise.
      To Mr. Buckles, BUILD WISCONSIN hopes that his stay in the Badger state
will be long and prosperous.
                                   _0      0
                               HAILEY CHANGES NEWS
                               TO TRI-WEEKLY PAPER
  X HIEM times a week THE VIAUPUN NE0iVS now greets Waupun folks. Gordon
ley, publisher, has changed THE NE1!S from a weekly publication to a tri-
weekly publishing it on Monday, We!cdnesday and Friday. Ho is using the United
Press Service lease and has secured Harry Spalding, formerly of THE FOND
LAC REPORTER, to serve as editor.
      The old subscription of $2.00 a,     will not be changed. THE NEWS
is now 26 years old.
                                   o       o_
                           BADGER WEEKLY NEWSPAPER
                               LOOKING FOR A DE; O'.'NER
      BUILD WISCONSIN has "inside" and confidential information
that one of
the live Badger weoklies will be offered for sale sometime soon.
      It is located in a good center of a. prosperous section, is alone in
field, and has great possibilities for devolopmunt.   Just f-r good measure
we will add that two or more lines of state trunk highways meet in this town.
If you are interested, tell us - if not, tell others.
                                   O       0
                               BOYCEVILLE V'E2'KLY
                               ADDS N20VJ LINOTYPE
 A      BABY size issue of THE BOYCEVILLE PRESS was pvbllahed by Editor H.K.
 Halvorson two weeks ago. The dead line for that week rolled around when
 PRESS force was engaged in installing a now linotypo machine. In that issue,
 Halvorson said, "Our 'p's' and 'q's' are scattered in profusion all
over the
 office and it was a hard effort to get enough type corralled to edit this
 limited amount of news."

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