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Build Wisconsin

Build Wisconsin [1925, no. 17],   pp. [1]-3 PDF (900.4 KB)

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F      Build      Build                Wisconsin                     B
I     Stronger                                                          
the EHome
      Business                                                          Community
             Voalume 3                                           Number 17
                                     Mo. 4, 1925
               "The Li.ttle Partne'r of the Dadger Country Weekly"
                            5IONAL'S FDITCR EMPLOYS
                              2~ CC'.CU:.TY COIThiSP0UDi'.mllS
         By Franlk Fdgecornmbe of the GENEVA SIGNAL, Geneva, Nebraska.
 '   1<Y NEriSPA4h ;.S puliEhed ir. a county seat. 'rhis ccunty is twenty-four
* i Ls squure and hd; '13,68l ;eorl-e in ib, countin; the babies,
     Vie nmirltin q Paid-in-advance circulation of 2G00 copies, the year
  a verages a lLt tle h. hr in -the winter and a  Ulttle less in the summer.
  have a S-..j, 'i, f~i v , wer-r y system oi chucking uirccuiation.  If
subscribler's.Thurs ;             '.,-e      x   .   a.p    L. if 't expires
the day before he doc3 not - at lcast unt il , h, dlay he rc.ncw< . s
.c carry no
(ea-d wtight.
                            Covers County Colpluitly
      VTe cover our county complettly. Adopting an advertising slogan, "There roasone;', w( assumed that one of the rcasolns is the vcry cumpleto
iiondence system that unables us to cover all sections of our county so that
we make what we claim and claim what we make, a ccur.ty newspaper and thei
ono thlat ma!;es any attemypt tc cover the county, bcirg tilo cnily one in
county seat.
     ;Tr, havn twrrn vy-throee atvnts', ')7 cour.3b, vwhen you thirk of those
yUu must apply ti.. to an arrilluia). corrinunitv and not large a'-ricu]tural
institutiun'3, as you would rualizu from the populauion.
      \Ie pay thec;u agents for the news service in cash fron two cents an
-t 68.00 a month, varyin-; thu. ?aymunts in accordance wiuh the servico per-
formed and paying bonuses to thioe3 who arC on the inc! basic, if thuy duserve
:t. We have a very curnplctu nouvs servico.
                              ha.: Z'2 Coi rosponclcnts
      About 25 to 30 per cent of our readinK r-,1 ttur - varying, of course,
.ccocrding to circumstanccBs -  i corr;sp.ni3nncu sent in by our tlaunty-throo
agents. We compensat; thoe aents folr-t.ur ard some of thlurr quite larg'ely
commissions on subscriptions aid advert.Liring and job plrinting.  Sumc of
ze;on  in considerable and nuarly all eclnd subscriptions.
                 This sheet is in the interests of the community newspaper.
 isiued by the Department of Agricultural Journalism of the Wisconsin College
of Agriculture
                  in co-operation with the Wisconsin Press Association.

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