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Build Wisconsin

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             Build Wisconsin
that he thinks Algoma is a ci-y ocpara ,ie Lnd rc, otu from covJs, Doar natives,
this is a cow town ossontially. And, thore iv nctaiing disgraccful about
of Knowing something about cows.
   "V1'o believe an Algoma businucs mn should have a fairly well-rounded
Knowledge of atriculture if he ia to give adequate service to his farm cus-
tomers. If we lived in a mining town, we should all knoai some .hing of mincs
and mine jargon.  Ve chance to be more fortunately located--wo live in a
town. Cow nuws _8s moro fascinating that mining news. Besides, about two-
thirds of our subscribers happen to be cow men in the cow business. Algoma
is a cow town, and we, for onu, are proud of it.
                           PLACES FARii NEIS ON
                             PAPER'S FEATURE PAGE
FEAsTUIE: page of note is page 2 of THE: ELLS"ORTH RECORD. Extending
across thc tcp of this page and set in a ncat double line box is
the head, "The Record's Feature Page".  Every woek Editor 0. A.
Halls asserables the greater part of his agricultural news on this
page, muoh of it is local news; onc celuu.;n is prepared by the county
agent. Another colurmn on this pge is occupies by Arthur Brisbanes ieCU.Ly
news, and lccal toJn gocsip, )repared by Rusty, occupies from one to two
columns.  Some syndicated riatorial is occasionaliy used to fill in the rest
of this page when there is not sufficient local news.
                            10d EDITOR IZASES
                              STATFOPD JOUR1IAL
HE STRATFORD JOURNAI,, owned by the Home Publishing Cempany, has just
been leased to !,r. E. Stoothoff for one year.  Iast woek's issue was
the firaL to bo publishud by the new editor. In this load-off num-
ber Mr. Stoothoff otruck a high gait; he filled his front page en-
tirely with local news and he had a prociigious amount of correspond-
-e@ - . I__-   I -A-i rn.- __*- __- I _- C-Y- - 4. +r   r Inn" nn y
I i1n-
once.  Two columrn  oa tic I 1 F LiL pJ&LU WU gU 6.LV U ,u II   , IU
U1.1, I," s*  -.
dustry of the community, this being one of the mainstays of Stratford and
on this same page Stoothcff jet the reports of two cow testing associations.
BUILD 'WISCONSIN extends to the now editor tVe best wishes of the Badger
press fraternity.
    "All is woll with the people of any nation only
 as the Jife ovl its farms is clcarly the proferred
 life or its rcpreosntativo mcn and women".

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