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Build Wisconsin

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  Build Wisconsin
                          iy Mai-ion L. Burton,
THE NEWSPAPER I LIKE        Lato Preoident of the
                          v Iniveruity of Michigan
JLIKE a newspaper which recognizes that, even beyond accuracy, the
truth requires the proper emphasis.
     I like a paper that unobtrusively makes a reader's interests
a little broader and his horizon wider; a paper that accepts its
freedom in terms of responsibility for public welfare, for the
elevation of the taste of the people and for their appreciation of
the finor things of life.
      I like a papor that in the practical methods of its daily routine knows
how to be silent without ignoring any aspects of truth, that insista upon
ing the individual subcrdinate to the cause he represents, that stimulates
reader to cogent thought and that holds men and their conscionces sternly
the ineradicable distinctions between good and evil.     Such a newspaper
is in
the making in America.  It will be the most potent single force in realizing
the dreams of democracy.
                       Size Does not Insure Exeolloncc
   'HE question of emphasis may be look-d at from the standpoint of the size
of tTel newspapcr. As cne thirksof the newspapers of other countries and
those in this country, he . 3 rather impressed with the fact that there is
certain weight to Amniorioan n(wspapurs.  Even the London Timos is a relatively
small sheet, and when you take up any of the other newspapers of England
will discover that they are vary snmall publications, and that the emphasis
the news is extremely interesting.    Forty-five years ago the Sun made its
putation on a four-page paper, and its money, too,   I don't moan to say
papers should be much smaller; I say from the point of view of the consumer
papers often seem sprawling and amorphous, and an occasion of despair, rather
than something a man enjoys.
      But take the question of the emphasis in the newvs as a whole. There
all kinds of news every day--political, sporting, criminal; and what is a
going to do with them all?  I am glad I don't have to solve that problem.
may recall a little encounter between Mr. Dempsey and Mr. Gibbons two years
ago in Shelby, Montana.  At precisely the same time there occurred an extremely
important meeting at San Francisco which represented the educational forces
America; and when I say that one-fourth of the population of the United States
of America were involved in that conference at San Francisco, that the best
leaders of education were there trying to work out the problems of education
in the public schools and elsewhere in our country, I wonder if it is unfair
call attention to the emphasis the papers of Armirica gave to the situation?
                            Wanted to Know Who Won
      Let me say that I do not agree with the Christian Science Monitor,
did not print one line about  h    Dempsoy-Gibbons fight; one wanted at least
know how it came out!
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