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Build Wisconsin

Build Wisconsin [1925, no. 14],   pp. [1]-[6] PDF (1.9 MB)

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             Build Wisconsin
               This page is in the interests of the community newspaper.
Isbued by the Depattment of Agricultural Journalism of the Wisconsin College
of Agriculture
                in co-operation with the Wisconsin Press Association.
                         OlDEULY AD MAIE-UP .ILL
                            BE'TTR 'APER'S APPEARANCES
                   THAT the country weokly can't be as neat
                and as iinished as thc papers published in
                largcr cities is an exploded myth.
                   The thrce jucdges at the recent Better
                Nowspoadt.r Contost woll recogniz&d the fallacy
                wion thoy duclarod tlat many of the Dad-or
                woklius on display were far better adpear-
                inrL th'lan a.r.ny Jarge daily ncwspapers.  Typo-
                graphy or iaake-up is an important factor in
                nuwun.oc and plcasing appearance.
                    Sur-mcr J. Harris, of THE DOOM CCUIFNY AD-
                VOCATE, hac applied the typographical yard
                stick to advertising. 17riting in The Inland
                Printer, this Pliscon-in vwoekly editor ox-
                presses t.oc viowpoint of ono w;Io rtalizcs
                the position of the publisher in the small
NE reason the average country newspaper man has postponea
-adopting tho pyramid makoup of advertisements is that adver-
tisers riquest certain positions and the oditor fools hc is
obliged to meot these requests, A country publisher who has
built up a newvspaper which, from tho s-tLndpoint of circula-
tion and earnings, ranis among the leading community jcurnals
in his Stat(e rrty be doubtful as to the outcomc if he adopts
pyramid style.  Bcing fairly well satisf cd Ui1th life, he
es ndpt-carea to "t.;ke a chance at loaing good will among tnoes   contributrlig
v:;e   ___~l-@
              c.o just oneugh; put over a good bluff; don't kill yourself."
You'll 1Tear it every day from country neVwspaper editors who are making
a fairly
good and don't caje to exort themselve3 further.    It is the great
can invit ion to racdiccrity.
     "Our advertisers arc our solo support and we can't afford to make
tion," say many complacunt country editors.   It has bocii proved, however,

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