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The Bugler

Alumni,   pp. 45-51

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Saturday, April 27, was an eventful day for the Alumni of the Door-Kewaunee
Training School and also for the graduating class of 1918. The Alumni Reunion
and banquet was held on that date. This was the first meeting of its kind
held here and it surely will not be the last. 
About eleven o'clock the handshakings and other greetings began. At this
time many visited the Turner Art Exhibit at the school building. A great
deal of 
construction work done by the pupils of the Model School was also on exhibit.
At twelve o'clock nearly a hundred people gathered at the Perry Opera House
to partake of the banquet served by the ladies of "The Rosary Society."
tables were arranged in form of a cross with a small table in each corner.
were very tastily decorated with flowers and vines of myrtle. Ten Training
School girls acted as waitresses. The excellent meal served was enjoyed by
every one. 
After dinner, Mr. Karel, president of the Training School Board, gave a short
talk. The members of the different classes were asked to rise and one member
was called upon to give a short history of his class. The class of 1918 was
nounced the most loyal. 
One of the most interesting events of the day was the dedication of the school
Service Flag. There are twenty-one stars on this flag at the present time.
were fortunate in having with us one of "our boys." Mr. Karel presented
the flag 
to the school representative, Jule Delwiche, a member of the class of 1918
asked him to assume the responsibility of seeing to it that the flag was
displayed in the Assembly Room. Mr. Larson, State Rural Inspector, Senator
Perry, and Principal Tufts each gave an interesting talk. 
A business meeting was then held, the principal purpose being to organize
Alumni into a permanent organization. Mr. Karel acted as temporary chairman.
Jule Delwiche was elected president of the Association, Alex. Meunier, secretary;
Eunice Henry, vice-presidnt, and Verna Le Claire, treasurer. 
A committee of five was appointed by the President to draft the constitution
and a set of by-laws for the Association. A portion of the time was devoted
taking photographs of the gathering. 
The boys of the 1918 Basketball challenged the Alumni boys to a game of 
basketball to be held at four o'clock. The challenge was accepted and the
was played in the Perry Opera House. The members of the Alumni team were
Earl Plettner, Milton Evenson, Alex. Meunier, Norman Shaw, and Charles Fisher.
A very good game was played by both teams. The Alumni team, due to lack of
practice, was easily defeated by the younger boys by the score of 21-10.
After supper the organization met again at the Opera House and spent the
ning in dancing. Music was furnished by members of the Alumni Association.
Every one present spent a most enjoyable evening. 
We feel sure that every one present is anxiously waiting for the time when
"we shall meet again." 

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