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Brandt, Gerard / Letters, 1850-1860 [Transcriptions]
Call Number, Milwaukee Small Collection 47 Box 1

Town of Milwaukee May 9 1860 [Translation],   pp. 1-6 PDF (2.5 MB)

Page 2

Letter  10, page 2, translation
but did not complete, the two previous letters of Uncle Jan schipper    1
we received, one from Uncle Aadriaan, and one from Cousin Jan Lindesberg,
and   2
from it learned about the death of Uncle Jacobus and Aunt Sara, do pardon
their not being answered sooner, we are very sorry that you did not receive
our letter  4
          of last
year since we were frequently desirous of a word from      5
you,  father too, who had written a portion of it,      6
Now you will perhaps notice from my story what sad tidings we have to   
tell you (Or you may have been apprised of it from rumor or from some one
else) it is then 8
this that our beloved Father too is no more among the living, but on the
29th of  9
December in an unfortunate and heart moving manner exchanged time for Eternity,
by the running away of the horse  he had driven to the city that morning
    because too he had quite a lot of work at home
and it was quite often his wont to ride away late, and so it was too that
day,   12
(because our horse is quite lively for it was only seven years old, a big
brown white-face) so it was bound to be late too before he was back,  then
too it would  14
          not have
become so late had he not had to visit some of his friends that he had to
see, then  15
         being on his way back
hte horse must have frequently tried to dash away, as others say, and since
it was a good 16
sleighroad and there was no load in the sleigh he made good time, then too
our horse  17
stand anything at his heels or he starts to run, so we think that this was
the case here 18
now not far from our house there is a ditch or low place through which water
washes and  19
         from there on
the horse must have started to run away, for from there on the sleigh had
left the tracks 20
now father has written you that trees here are chopped two feet more or less
above the  21
and the stumps are left standing, so it was here too along the road though
which Father must goo right between two big stumps, as big perhaps as there
are no-  23
          where two
to be found, on each side of the road, now the sleigh had run up against
the one and   24
          on the other
Father seems to have struck his head, he must have been there in the evening
not a person 26
came that road, Mother and I were indeed restless that evening, still all
the time  27
had the idea Father had stayed with one of his friends, so that no one  
went out to look for him,  too Mother and I were alone in the house, at 
elevn o'clock I had gone to bed but very restless, but Mother not at all
the whole  30
night long and in the morning at daybreak she went outdoors, not expecting
to see anything there, but not far off from the house she saw a horse standing
yet did not 32
*Printed on side of page*
At noon the law came to view father, three officers of the law with two doctors,
the doctors said that
he had not lived long, and even if we had found him soon he would have died
any way,  there was perhaps in this
       God's wise providence to cause him no greater pain

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