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Brandt, Gerard / Letters, 1850-1860 [Transcriptions]
Call Number, Milwaukee Small Collection 47 Box 1

Town of Milwaukee May 9 1860 [Translation],   pp. 1-6 PDF (2.5 MB)

Page 1

Letter  10, page 1, translation
    Town of Milwaukee  May 9 1860
   Much loved Uncles and Aunts Nephews and Nieces
Since we have up to the present been disappointed in our expectation of 
receiving an answer from you to my letter written to you    2
last year in the month of May, thinking that you have not received it,  
it is our desire to take pen in hand a second time     4
to write you, the more because the events which have taken place here   5
urge us to do so, and so it is our desire that you     6
will accept this in love.  In my previous letter I told you that    7
in the year 1854 we moved from Town Holland [Sheboygan County], where we
formerly lived,8
40/miles south of there, and now we live eight miles from Milwaukee, this
is a large city, the reason why we moved was that Father was then   10
called here for Religious service, to be a leader here and carry on catechetical
work, yet this lasted but three years because then trouble arose   12
between him and the congregation, partly also because of the domineering
and partisan 13
spirit of the Holland ministers here, to tell it all would easily make my
store  14
too long drawn out, and it would do you little good, I also told you in my
former letter about the death of mother, it astonished us to receive a note
from 16
you from the hands of Mina Meeuwsen who told you nothing    17
of our situation, since mother had died in the month of May 56, and I   
had been ill the whole summer, yes was ill still when she [Mina Meeuwsen]
left us, she 19
lived with us five months and that would not have been necessary if I had
been well, 20
then too we did not receive the note from you until February this year, 
what the reason was for that we do not know, father too would     22
have been gladened to have seen it since he was frequently desirous of  
hearing from you, and yet so negligent about writing, what the reasons were
I can 24
not say  we often requested him to, but it seems he could not    25
get to it,  we still have a portion of a letter he began    26

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