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Brandt, Gerard / Letters, 1850-1860 [Transcriptions]
Call Number, Milwaukee Small Collection 47 Box 1 ([unpublished])

Town of Milwaukee the 12th of June 1859 [Translation],   pp. 1-6 PDF (2.6 MB)

Dear brothers and sisters [Translation],   p. 6 PDF (361.8 KB)

Page 6

   Letter 7, page 6, translation
little flowers, it is not so much the peculiarity of the flower but it grows
so many little  1
     accept it then as a remembrance   flowers,
and each flower blooms but for a day, whether you are lovers of them I don't
know, if you  2
could send me some little seed it would give me a delight, for with that
I could keep myself busy 3
much of the time, now cordial greetings from us to you, from me, Janet and
husband, Isaac  4
and James and greet also aunt willemijntje  mina had told us that they still
thought of coming to America, I would surely like to see them here sometime,
agian cordail  6
greetings, in my thoughts I am still often with you, so I sign myself your
loving niece   7
  if you can write back soon    Catharina J Brandt
Letter 8, translation
    Dear Brothers and Sisters
as I read what Katie has written I find nothing        9
to add because her wishes for you pertaining to your salvation      10
are also mine  Nevertheless she is determined that I should do [write] something
So I hope then that when we receive reply from you you will come with   
the message that one and that one in our relationship is born at Zion  for
this    13
is sure that the allhighest will confirm such and that those who     14
are still strangers to this may get pangs toward this birth  I mean     15
a vision og God's Righteousness and Self-condemnation and thus      16
as one doomed in himself will in secret before the Lord       17
cast himself to his knees and at the foot of the throne of grace     18
make confession fo all sines  such conduct will not        19
leave such a soul void of the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ     20
namely what he is and will be for one so minded  it would be impossible for
me    21
to list all the bible texts that establish that  yet read      22
only Isaiah 55 and Mathew 11 v 28 to 30  and on the other hand the threats
in the same chapter from v 16 to 24  now possibly you might seek     24
an excuse in v 25  yet to refute this for you I would        25
have to be able to converse with you  Much news from Zeeland what     26
is going on in the world at large we learn from the paper      27
digging across the island  laying of telegraph and railroads and      28
dyking in of Schorren  as too the running away of C Filius' horses     29
but write us sometime who are already dead of those I have known     30
and how things go with you  awaiting this  your loving       31
   Sister and Brother G Brandt  your Sister Maria Brandt

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