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Brandt, Gerard / Letters, 1850-1860 [Transcriptions]
Call Number, Milwaukee Small Collection 47 Box 1 ([unpublished])

Town of Milwaukee the 12th of June 1859 [Translation],   pp. 1-6 PDF (2.6 MB)

Page 5

 Letter   7, page 5, translation
As concerns us, I believe I may say that we are treading the path of our
father,  1
so far as I know, although it is accompanied with many a lament, and utterance,
O that  2
it might be really true, but indwelling sin and not living close to the Lord
so often makes for anxiety and darkness, but we must say nevertheless that
sin   4
is a burden to us, at times it indeed has the upperhand but then in turn
there emerges  5
a sense of guilt, that it has sinned against that holy and good God, who
is so worth to be 6
worshipped, Oh the service of the Lord is not hard, the world says and thinks
of it that 7
it is a melancholy life, Ah but of the fruits of which one has not tasted
one can  8
hardly judge, and should one perchance once taste how sweet it is to serve
the Lord  9
then he finds in htis what he cannot find in the world, Isaac and James 
since a year ago, have also indicated that they could no longer     11
hold out in sin, before that whenever we spoke to them of it they merely
kept silent, and 12
         preferred that we
speak of something else, but now they have to testify that it is their joy
and life, James 13
          is even
very earnest in inquiry, and in rebuking sin, yes he is outdistancing us
all,   14
he has now for a long time also had the desire to preach the word of God,
even though it 15
          should be
among the heathen, but should the opportunity not present itself he does
not wish to force 16
          his way in
if the Lord wishes to use him for it He himself will open the way, so father
is to   17
his great joy privileged to see that the imperfect prayers he so often offered
in secret 18
and in public have been answered, O what a gread privilege it must be to
be able  19
to say, belold Lord here me and the children Thou hast given me, Oh how great
this would 20
be too for our dear grandmother who as we may believe has with her eldest
son entered into the land of rest, to have been able to say this too, the
Lord alone knows 22
how many prayers she offered, both for you, and for us, Oh that Eternity
to which there never is an end, is a dreadful word for the wicked but a word
of comfort  24
for God's people, to be privileged to be eternally with the Lord, I must
say that during this 25
sickness I have had the desire at times to be released, sometimes even to
be rid of my miserable body, but also indeed from a desire to be with the
Lord,   27
and I know the time when I could say that nothing in the world looked desireable
to me, but 28
         Oh would that were
only more often so this would be to the honor of the Lord, but I must close
for I   29
could expatiate far here, but O consider before it is too late, is    30
my wish and prayer, if we shall see each other no more on this side of the
grave then  31
may ti be on the other,/ now I have a request to make of you, should you
sometime have the  32
to have some information come to us sometime, about mother's family, who
of them is still 33
alive, her oldest sister lived at Ellewoudsdijk, her husband's name was Jan
ten velde  34
we have also learned that uncle William is schoolmaster in the land of Hulst,
this would  35
give us great satisfaction if you could do this, here is a little flower
seed of pretty  36
*Printed on side of page*
do not think that I have written this to boast, O no this is not my purpose,
but the Lord
is certainly worth to be glorified for his blessings, and not wish that the
light stay under the bushel

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