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Brandt, Gerard / Letters, 1850-1860 [Transcriptions]
Call Number, Milwaukee Small Collection 47 Box 1 ([unpublished])

Town of Milwaukee the 12th of June 1859 [Translation],   pp. 1-6 PDF (2.6 MB)

Page 4

Letter   7, page 4, translation
good land,  the past year has been anunfortunate one for the harvest, there
was    1
straw indeed but no grain,  in some places there was nothing in it at all,
on could simply blow  2
it away, we had had much rain in the spring, and in the summer black rust
made a heavy    3
attack on it,  potatoes beans and peas were fairly good,  up to the present
crops   4
are doing very nicely this year,  provisions are quite high here at present,
 there is here  5
at present considerable talk about the war that is impending in Europe, which
so   6
people think is the cause of this,  flour or sifted meal, for unsifted mealon
does not know of  7
  that is the best from winter wheat     here, is
9 dollars for two hundred pounds,  which is four dollars more than last winter,
 but where  8
Isaac and James live it is twelve dollars, and oats and potatoes a dollar
a     9
bushel,  father says 2 3/4 bushel make a hectolitre, you are no doubt familiar
with the fact that 10
  coffee is 15 ot 18 cts a pound, sugar 10 to 16,butter 12 to 20
a dollar is 2 1/2 guilders,  groceries too are quite high, compared with
holland, also   11
cloth goods, one cannot count a dollar here as more than a guilder in holland,
 but   12
we have as yet no regrets that we are in america,  one has to work hard here
too   13
but freedom is quite a pleasure,  too it is here a healthy region,  father
thinks   14
of couse once in a while of his friends, but for the rest he is in his element,
Isaac and James too thought that they would never have gotten on so far in
holland,  this  16
land of which I spoke they bought from father for 500 dollars, and they have
reached the point now 17
that is is their possession, they have now rented it for five years for 40
dollars a year  18
I wanted to tell this too that they are both taller than their father,  James
sometimes   19
imagines that he is going to see holland once more,  he is a strange young
man with a very   20
inquisitive spirit,  I don't believe either he will become a farmer!  but
Dears now I have   21
just a word more, which I hope will not offend you,  when uncle Jan Schipper
sent us   22
his first letter he made mention of the many changes that had taken place
there,   23
but he says should we ever be able to report a change of heart, namely  
repentance, that would be something greater, and [that] was for him too a
thing to be desired ,  25
he says the Lord has decreed any way who is to be saved and who not, this
is indeed truly  but  26
so, but in Deut 29 v 29 we read that the secret things belong unto the Lord,but
those things which 27
revealed are for us,  that is the intent of his decree, but his decreeing
will we may   are  28
in no case argue with,  he commands you to sow your acre, aht you may   
be satisfied with bread, now you would not say would you I am not sowing
and will therefore  30
still have,  this would be against reason,  now the Lord offers you his Gospel,
and He calls sinners,  in Eze. 33 v:11 we find, that he has no pleasure in
the death   32
of sinners, but hterin that he repent and live, oh I certainly would wish
it too that    33
you could sometime tell us this one ant that one has been born in sion, 
ah what a glad message  34
this would be,  of do not postpone the time, but work while it is day that
night may not overtake you so that you cannot work,  neither let the enemy
make you believe  36
as I have head it here too, the Lord Jesus died for all mankind,     37
or, it will not be so bad as many think,  this will lead you to be unconcerned,
 then   38
it was of no use that the Lord Jesus said to Nicodemus, as we read john 3,
or is it different  39
God in merciful  O yes that he is too in the face of his son,  but He is
also righteous and He created us right and after His image,  but we have
lost his image through sin,  so there is then no other way than through Jesus
Christ his  42
son, he himself says no one comes to the father than through me,  Oh seek
life in him   43
where alone it is to be found, for He himself says my yoke is easy and my
burden is light

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